How to Get Saint Lucia Tourist Visit Visa from London

The tropical island paradise of Saint Lucia is the perfect destination for romance, natural beauty and adventure. The island country is considered a jewel of the Caribbean Sea as it stimulates tourists’ senses with its unblemished landscapes and postcard perfect scenery. Numerous travellers from the UK come to Saint Lucia for the holidays and sightseeing every year and leave amazed with the natural beauty of this island. As they are eager to explore this  the exquisite island of Saint Lucia on Holiday after long working hours in UK. In order to do this, they will require a visa to enter into the country. The procedure for getting a Saint Lucia tourist visa from London is not very complicated and you can consult our step by step guide below.


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    People in London, who have an intention to visit Saint Lucia for tourism should fulfil following requirements to obtain the tourist visa:

    A passport with minimum six months of validity from the proposed dated of entry from Saint Lucia. This clause is not discretionary therefore all applicants are strictly advised to renew their passports before applying for the tourist visa of the Saint Lucia in order to avoid any in convenience.

    Contact High Commission of Saint Lucia in London to find out about the supporting documents for the visa application.

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    Visa Application Form

    Applicants can apply for the tourist visa of Saint Lucia by downloading the form from here. People who would like to fill it on paper should contact High Commission for Saint Lucia in London on the below address.

    Visit: High Commission for Saint Lucia

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    Visa Fee

    The tourist visa fee for Saint Lucia from London may subject to change as per policy therefore, to get learn about up to date visa charges, applicants should contact High Commission for Saint Lucia in the capital of Great Britain.

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    Mode of Payment

    Applicants can deposit their visa fee by cash, if visiting in person only by making an appointment (contact on this number +44 207 370 7123 to reserve an appointment) and in case of postage by Special Delivery use postal order or international bank draft for payment.

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    Visa applications from UK can be submitted in person by taking appointments only. To make an appointment applicant can contact High Commission of Saint Lucia on this number +44 207 370 7123. Those, who want to send their applications by mail from within UK, should include £6.00 extra for return postage by Special Delivery. While applications from outside UK, should include £10.00 extra for return postage by International signed for delivery.

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    Processing Time

    If the applicant has fulfilled all the requirements then, the processing time period of the application will take roughly 3 to 5 working days.

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    Get Visa

    You can get your visa and original supporting documents (if any) either by visiting the High Commission of Saint Lucia in London (see the address above) or receive it by Special Delivery in case applicant has sent it by post. Return courier delivery is not the responsibility of the High Commission of Saint Lucia.

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    Check List

    a)      Check all above mentioned documents in step 1 once again.

    b)      Verify your passport again to make sure that it is valid for minimum 3 months beyond the scheduled date of return.

    c)       Leave a photocopy of your travel plan and contact details of hotel in Saint Lucia.

    d)      Verify what your insurance covers. Does it cover health and baggage too?

    e)      Check your flight departure minimum 72 hours before leaving the home.

    f)       Verify before travelling what modes of payments are accepted widely in Saint Lucia.

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    Things allowed for tourists to take along with them

    Find out how many suit cases a tourist can carry with him, plus know how much a baggage should weight by contacting authorities at the Saint Lucia High Commission in London (see the contact details above).

    Don't forget to ask authorities at the High Commission whether you can take your medicines on the flight or a copy of medical prescriptions and also ask them about the restricted things in Saint Lucia.

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