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Planning a trip to Bradford? Our guide will tell you how to travel from London to Bradford using different transport options. Bradford is located about 325 km from London and is a metropolitan Borough of West Yorkshire, in Northern England, with a population of around 293, 717. Bradford became an urban region in 1847, and established its status as a city in 1897. The area became famous during the 19th century as an international centre for manufacturing textile, mostly wool.

The city enjoys a maritime climate, with reasonable rainfall throughout the year. Travelling to Bradford can be a great experience if you know all about the available modes of transport, tours and trips and other necessary information, i.e. directions, tips and warnings etc. Below you will find all this and more, to help make your trip comfortable.


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    London to Bradford By Car

    Traveling from London to Bradford by car is considered convenient by most people. The time it takes to cover a distance of 202 miles is estimated to be 3 hours and 44 minutes, following M1 and M621 motorways. Once you are on your way to Bradford from London, ensure your car is on a high maintenance spectrum, and don't forget to keep your driving license with you. If you have a health problem, do keep a route map in case you need to make a stop or use a restroom.

    And in case of an emergency situation, you may contact the Highway Police at +44 84 5750 4030.

    london to bradford by car
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    London to Bradford By Air

    You can get a flight from any London airport and you have two options i.e. travel by Budget Airlines or by regular ones. Budget airlines are great but you'll need to book a month or two prior for best fairs. Do keep an eye on and for budget airlines that fly between London and Bradford and buy tickets online to save money.

    In case of emergency, you can always buy tickets at the airport, but make sure you reach at least an hour before the departure time in order to avoid any problems.

    travel to bradford from london by air
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    London to Bradford By Bus

    This is probably the cheapest way of traveling to Bradford from London. There are many bus services available in London which will take you to Bradford, and can be availed any time during the day. On average, buses from London to Bradford take around 4 ½ hours to 5 and a half.

    National Express: The National Express probably has the widest network on this route. There are a total of 7 buses that leave from Victoria Coach Stop for Bradford City Centre. The first train leaves at 8 am in the morning and reaches Bradford at 1, while the last train to leave is at 2 pm and it reaches Bradford at 5 pm.

    Mega Bus: The option of mega bus can also be availed but the only bus that leaves London station is at 9:15 am and it reaches Bradford at 1:36 pm. The total journey time taken by that bus is 4 hours and 21 minutes.

    travel to bradford from london by bus
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    London to Bradford By Train

    Using a train service to get to Bradford from London can be quite expensive. You can call National Railways and book your ticket in advance, but make sure you ask the operator to offer you the cheapest fair. Moreover, you might have to switch trains at Leeds before you can reach Bradford. Using the train should usually be considered if there is an emergency and you can't take the bus.

    from london to bradford by train
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    Tour and Tips to Bradford

    If you're looking to discover different cities in UK and travel from London to Bradford as a tourist, then availing the option of organized tours and trips is a wise choice. But even if you decide to venture into the city alone, there are still a lot of sights and attractions you can see.

    Thackrey Medical Museum: This museum reflects the historical significance that Leeds has witnessed in the field of medicine.  It showcases how a lot of medical equipment came into being.

    Leeds and Liverpool Canal: Looking for a lazy Sunday morning walk in pleasant greenery? Make sure you make your visit to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal a certainty and enjoy breathing in the fresh air.

    Leeds City Museum: This place is rated 11th out of 75 places to visit in Leeds, according to Tripadvisor. With edibles that will make you crave for more, and things for kids to do - this is a good option for family visits.

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