How to Get Off Psychiatric Drugs Safely

Getting off psychiatric drugs is very difficult. The crucial part of it is the determination of timing to take yourself off the drugs. There is associated a high risk of suffering side effects if you leave taking the drugs abruptly and without consultation of your doctor. This can spoil the progress in your treatment of the illness for which you have been taking the medicines, and even cause further complications. Another problem is that a person by stopping taking  the drugs abruptly can find too difficult to cope with the normal life routines such as sleeping etc.


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    Consult Doctor

    First and the most important step in the psychiatric medication for any illness is that your doctor should be satisfied with the level or progress in your treatment. If the doctor in view of their assessment feels it is time for you to change your medication routine, you better ask them how. They should give a timetable and outline to wean yourself off Psychiatric drugs gradually.

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    Reduce Potency

    One way that leads towards weaning off psychiatric drugs is the gradual reduction in potency of the drugs. For example, if your are taking 25mg potency, the doctor might recommend to reduce it to half of it or any other change. You should consider this in light of the progress that you have made in your treatment. Still if you find any major problem while coping with your health in view of reduce potential drugs, you should speak to your doctor and discuss the matter.

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    Change Routine

    It is possible that your doctor might change routine of the drugs that you have been taking. For example you might find it very hard to wean off a drug that you take at night time because it helps you in your sleep routine. To change this habit the doctor might change to taking it during day time or in the mornings. Also, with reduction of potency the doctor ask you to take a medicine every other day instead of every day.

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    Therapeutic Help

    You might not be able to wean off a drug without help, and to solve the problem doctor recommends some sort of therapy. You should consider and implement that therapeutic solution immediately. This is a great way to find help in quitting psychiatric drugs. Nevertheless you should consider this option in light of your doctor's advice and from his recommended therapists. If you go on your own to seek help from a therapist without consulting your doctor, you may not be able to achieve the desired result.

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