How to Get Paraguay Tourist Visit Visa from London

Paraguay is a country of attractive contrasts, a rural and at the same time is sophisticated as well. The country may be poor in economic terms but it is quite wealthy when it comes to postcard perfect scenery. You would be amazed to see the exotic natural reserves and man-made massive dams. Moreover, the best part about this country is that it’s a place where horses and carts pull up by Mercedes Benz cars. Aforementioned, things are enough to incite any nature enthusiast in the capital of UK to pack his or her bags and grab the next flight to Paraguay. However, to get to Paraguay from London first thing that will be required is its tourist visa and below is the guide to sort this problem.


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    Nationals of the UK are visa exempted to enter Paraguay for tourism. All they need to show at the time of entry is their valid national ID for a stay up to 30 days. Nationals of all other countries require a visa to enter Paraguay.

    Present 2 valid fully completed and duly signed visa application forms.

    An original passport, which must be valid for minimum 6 months along with 2 copies of personal data page.

    Round-trip air ticket or flight itinerary together with 2 copies of them.

    Give an evidence of sufficient funds i.e. 2 copies of bank statement or 2 copies of applicant's Credit Card.

    If the applicant is going to take part in conferences, seminars, artistic or sports events then, provide an invitation letter plus 2 copies of it.

    Note: Residents in the UK need to make an appointment for interview by e-mail only. Working hours of Consulate starts from 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

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    Visa Application Form

    Click here to download the visa form of Paraguay. Or make contact with Embassy of Paraguay in London to get the visa form.

    Embassy of Paraguay

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    Visa Fee

    Visa fee of Paraguay for single entry is £43.00, whereas for multiple entries cost would be £67.00. For further information contact Embassy of Paraguay in London (see contact details above).

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    Mode of Payment

    Cheque in Pounds Sterling and payable to the Consulate of Paraguay are acceptable. Applicants can also made payments either by cash or bank transfer. Evidence of deposit is required. For more details regarding payment speak to authorities Embassy of Paraguay in London (see the contact details above).

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    Find out how you can submit your applications along with supporting documents from Embassy of Paraguay in London (see the contact details above).

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    Processing Time

    Processing may take 20-30 days. Applicants should keep in mind that first entry into Paraguay has to be made within 90 days from the issuance date of visa. Give 2 to 3 days for visa processing.

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    Collect Visa

    Collection of the visa can be done either by personally visiting the Embassy of Paraguay in London (see the contact details above). Those, who mailed their documents, will receive their visa from the same post service, if it was a pre-paid one.

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    Check List

    a)      Tourist should once again check all aforesaid documents from step 1 before beginning the journey to Paraguay.

    b)      Tourist should again make sure that his or her passport has at least 6 months validity.

    c)       Leaving behind a copy of journey plan and details of hotel sounds a good idea.

    d)      Don’t forget to take insurance policy before you fly to Paraguay, in order to cover your health and luggage.

    e)      Flight departures usually get delayed therefore, confirm it with the airport authorities before leaving home.

    f)       Know about the widely accepted modes of payment in Paraguay.

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    Things allowed for tourists to take along with them

    It is necessary to know how many suitcases a passenger is allowed to carry, especially when you are going on Holidays with lots of baggages. Also find out how much weight you can carry in your allowed luggage. Seek details from Embassy of Paraguay in London (see the contact details above).

    Those, who are taking medicine for some reason, should confirm from authorities whether they are allowed to carry medicines, if not then, should they take medicine prescriptions along.

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