How to Get Rid Of a Hemorrhoids At Home

Hemorrhoid, or as commonly called rectal lump, makes you wish you could dodge washroom all the day. Hemorrhoids are actually painful and are generally caused by the swelling in the veins of the lower portion of the anal spinster or rectum. The swelling make it really hard to sit down, not just in the toilet seat but anywhere. The burning and itching feeling makes you wish for Santa Claus and ask him this time not for a toy but something to relieve you out of the irritating pain of hemorrhoids. But why Santa Claus? We have some tried and true remedies for you (being piles effective our self). Some of these may take time to be effective, but they do work for sure and tend to last longer than other options like medial cream etc.


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    Apply aloe gel

    Aloe gel is one of the effective home remedies to get rid of the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. Wash your hands with good quality soap, wipe your hands dry, and apply the aloe gel to the affected area.

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    Apply yarrow tea

    Yarrow tea is another useful remedy for hemorrhoids. You can easily find it in your nearest health food stores. What you have to do is, blend the yarrow tea properly, and set it aside for approximately half an hour in order to make sure it is strong enough to relive the burning hemorrhoids. Grab a clean cotton ball, dip it into the yarrow tea, and gently apply it to your hemorrhoids. Repeat this process for 3 to 4 times a day until you feel the difference.

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    Apply witch hazel extract

    Witch hazel extract is yet another effective home remedy that you can directly apply to the hemorrhoids to get rid of their irritating pain. Take a cotton ball, place some witch-hazel on it, and apply it to the aching area. It is better to apply it at least three times a day in order to get the desired results.

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    Apply myrrh paste

    Take a medium mixing bowl and place 1 teaspoon of simple water and 1 teaspoon powdered myrrh in it. Now, mix both of the ingredients until a thick and smooth paste is formed. Take some cotton balls and apply the myrrh paste to the hemorrhoids. Now, make sure to let the myrrh paste sit there for approximately an hour to get rid of them.

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    Apply garlic water

    Grab a cooking pan and pour 2 cups of water into it. Place it on the stove and bring it to boil over a medium heat. Meanwhile, take two cloves of garlic, chopped them well and add to them to the boiling water. Let it boil for at least half an hour and remove it carefully. Set it aside at room temperature until cool. Now, give yourself an enema in the affected area with the garlic water once a day to get rid of the hemorrhoids’ pain eventually.

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    Take a black mustard- yogurt mixture

    Take an electric blender; place some black mustard powder and a bowl of yogurt in it. Blend it at medium speed until a thick but smooth paste is formed. Now, take this simple black mustard- yogurt mixture. Make sure to drink a glass of buttermilk after at the end of the black mustard-yogurt mixture and observe the clear difference.

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