How to Get Rid Of a Toothache At Home

Toothache is such a terrible condition of pain that you would even pity your enemies for suffering from it. The torment and agony associated with toothache is no doubt unbearable, and extreme toothache is followed by fever most of the times. Anyone can face this annoying pain in any part of their life therefore, it is better to get an idea of how to get rid of a toothache at home to avoid your trip to the dentist. By using a few easily available products, you will not only get a good night’s sleep but also maintain your healthy smile. However it is advised to consult a dentist in case of severe toothache.


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    One of the best home remedies to get rid of this tormenting pain is onion. Take an onion, peel it off completely, and cut it into small pieces. Place a piece of onion on your aching tooth or gum. It is better for you to include onion in your diet, as it is helpful in preventing dental problems because of its antibacterial properties.

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    Salt water

    Take a glass of mild water and add one or two tablespoon of salt to it. Gently stir until the salt dissolves properly. Now, rinse your mouth with the mixture. Repeat the process if required. Salt water will kill infections that cause toothache and automatically reduce the terrible pain.

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    Clove oil

    Clove tree is a very useful herb for relieving toothache, and clove oil is a very useful remedy when your toothache is unbearable. What you have to do is take a cotton ball, add a few drop of clove oil to it and gently place it on your affected tooth. The pain will subside within an our! However, if you do not have clove oil available at home, you can simply place a clove on your tooth and hold it for a few minutes.

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    Wheatgrass Oil

    Unknown to many, the juice of wheatgrass oil is another useful homemade remedy during the dire times of severe tooth pain. Wheatgrass contains organic antibiotics, which play vital role in withdrawing the toxins. As a result, growth of bacteria in the aching tooth reduces drastically. Grab a cotton ball, add a few drops of wheatgrass juice or oil to it and wait until it absorbs the juice. Now, put the cotton ball on your gum or teeth and feel the difference.

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    Ice pack

    Ice pack is an easy and efficient remedy against a searing toothache. Take a piece of cloth or towel and place few ice cubes in it. Now, wrap it thoroughly and place it on your aching tooth. You will be relieved of the toothache to a large extent.

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    A mixture of pepper powder and a common salt is another effective homemade remedy that can prove to be greatly helpful during severe toothache. Mix pepper and common salt completely, apply it to your teeth, and feel the reduction in the toothache.

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    Not many of you may be aware of an interesting fact; that a few drops of alcohol can also relieve you off a severe toothache. Alcohol is extremely effective in dealing with toothache by causing numbness to the affected tooth or gum. You only have to rub some amount of alcohol to your tooth or gum by using your finger or a cotton ball. You will get instant relief from the toothache for sure.

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    Elevate your head

    One of the simplest remedies for toothache is elevating your head to a certain height. This helps in reducing the toothache.

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    Oil of oregano

    Oil of oregano is also a useful remedy against a toothache. Apply it with a cotton ball or your fingers.

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    Besides being a very eye-catching landscape plant, bayberry is a useful toothache remedy. Grab a small mixing bowl and place some amount of vinegar and extract of the bayberry bark. Mix them properly, apply the paste to your aching tooth or gum and find relief from the toothache.

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    You can also reduce your toothache by placing a small slice of garlic on your affected tooth.

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    Lime is a great source of vitamin c and good remedy against any type of toothache. Take a fresh lime, cut it into medium slices, and place them on your aching tooth one by one. It will help relieve the toothache.

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