Get Rid Of Aphids on Plants Step By Step

Aphids, commonly known as whiteflies, blackflies, plant lice, or greenflies, are among the tiny annihilative insects that extract the juices out of plants. These pear-shaped tiny beasties come in brown, yellow, black, red, and green shades. Although these sneaky and camouflage  insects look cute but do not make the mistake to take them easily, as they breed like crazy and can destroy your beautiful flowers, trees, and even fresh vegetables. If you are a gardener and love your plants, then go through this article to know about various useful methods to get rid of Aphids on plants.

Things you will need to get rid of Aphids on your plants

Water or Plant Sprayers
Insecticide or pesticide
Predators – lacewings and Ladybugs
Insecticidal soap
Dish soap
Horticultural oil
Marigolds plants


  • 1

    Inspect your plants frequently – may be every day

    Keep an eye on your plants in order to catch these little devils before they lay eggs. You can slowly walk around the plants in your garden or backyard, paying close attention to the insects’ activities. This inspection has two major advantages. First, you can come to know about Aphids’ attack on your plants and secondly, it is a perfect idea daily walk.

  • 2

    Crush Aphids before they turn your beautiful garden into a wasteland

    Once you notice Aphids’ attack on your plants, wear disposable gloves, and simply crush them before they spread to other plants. Do not worry at all, Aphids are not active like other insects; therefore, they are quiet easy to catch and squish.

  • 3

    Blast the destructive Aphids with water

    Aphids cannot resist water and run away immediately. Therefore, blast the Aphids with a strong spray of water in order to get rid of them.

  • 4

    Do not over fertilize your pants

    Make sure not to over fertilize your trees, flowers, and vegetables, as theses nasty insects (Aphids) just love the new growth that are usually found in overly fertilized plants.

  • 5

    Make your own insecticide at home

    You can prepare some spray at home with the help of some useful remedies in order to get rid of aphids. Given below are few effective remedies:

    Remedy No 1: Take an Insecticidal soap and put it in a bottle of mild water. Wait for some time until the soap dissolves completely. Now, pour this soap into a sprayer and spray the affected pants thoroughly. This soap solution kills Aphids by causing dehydration in them.

    Remedy No. 2: Mix one part of horticultural oil and one part of warm water in a plant sprayer. Add few drops of dish soap into it and stir it for few seconds until all ingredients mix well. Now, spray it to the plants in order to destroy the Aphids by clogging their respiratory spiracles.

    Note: In case if you apply these sprays to your vegetables, then do not forget to wash them thoroughly before eating them.

  • 6

    Do the honors to introduce predatory insects in your garden

    Some predatory insects (carnivores) like lacewings and Ladybugs prey on the Aphids. If these predators are already there in your garden then you are a blessed one. Otherwise, you can purchase from your nearest garden shop and set them free in your garden. Wait and enjoy the interesting activities of these useful predators, where you will find them capturing Aphids and eating them up tactically.

  • 7

    Replace birch trees with marigolds plants

    Unknown to many of us, birch trees are very attractive towards the Aphids. Therefore, make sure not to grow any birch tree in your garden in order to protect rest of the greenery. You can better replace them with marigolds plants, which attract such useful insects that eat aphids.

  • 8

    Spray with a good quality pesticide

    Spray all the affected plants thoroughly with a good quality pesticide or insecticide. You can easily find it in your nearest pesticide or agricultural store.

    Note: Make sure to read the instructions of the insecticide carefully in order to get the desired results. Do not forget to wear gloves while spraying and to wash your hands at the end.

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