How to Get Rid Of Arm Fat

Forced to wear full sleeves even in the scorching heat? Envy those girls at school with thin arms? Fat arms take away many of our fantasies about dressing up and looking good. Sadly arms are one of the last places to lose fat. It takes great consistency and the right efforts to finally get rid of them. At times it calls for radical steps like cutting down on junk and making swift changes in your entire lifestyle.This step by step guide helps you reduce arm fat by different methods.


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    Set targets:

    No matter how bad you want to reduce your arms to skinny sticks, It is not possible to lose all that much. At least not in the short term. Set goals that are achievable to avoid disappointment in the end. Arm fat is one of the hardest to let go and it is medically impossible to achieve localized fat lose.So your body fat will have to go before it comes to arms.

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    Tone up your arms with resistance exercises:

    Weight lose is a slow process and is going to take months before showing any visible changes. You can try a few tone up exercises which will make your arms look leaner in a relatively short time. There are many exercises to tone up your biceps and triceps. Triceps are the part where most fat is stored.


    These resistance exercises involve carrying weights and most include dumbbells, cables or barbells.

    Bicep Curls:

    Get a resistance band. Place one end under your left leg and the other end in your left hand. Now curl the arm towards your shoulder. This tones up your muscles under resistance and gives you leaner arms. repeat the same procedure for your right arm.

    Push ups:

    Yes! you can use push ups to reduce the flab on your arms. Adjust your arm length according to the specific area you want to tone. Push ups can be done anywhere, at home and during breaks in the office.

    Triceps sit ups:

    Also called Dips, this exercise just requires a bench or a chair. With the back to the chair, place your palms on it and start taking slow dips by bending your elbows.This places pressures on your triceps. Reduction in your triceps has a huge improvement on your figure.

    Use our video in the end to learn a few arm exercise steps.

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    Lose arm fat with Aerobics:

    Sign up for aerobics classes or use you tube videos to learn aerobics steps. Aerobics increase your cardiovascular activity and burn fat Start slow but remain steady.

    Try different workouts to make your body adaptable and flexible. This also makes you look forward to your exercise routine.

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    Shift to healthy food:

    Localized fat loss is a difficult process. Unless you make the necessary changes in your overall diet and lifestyle, it becomes practically impossible to achieve anything with just exercise.Replace all the greasy stuff with fresh and boiled food. Avoid fizzy drinks and cover up with a lot of water.Say no to Fat in all cases. The calorie chart can help you keep a check on the type of food you are eating and its nutrition value. The less calories you intake, the less efforts you have to make to lose them.It is a big no no to Junk food. Focus more on vegetables and anything that is baked and boiled but not fried. The less calories you intake, the less efforts you have to make to lose them.

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    Keep Moving:

    Office or home, get up to do your own work. Try to keep your am muscles moving and lifting heavy objects. Do the push ups during free times and place pressure specifically on the arm muscles.

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    Sleep well:

    Rest is as essential for weight loss as is exercise. Cover more then eight hours sleep in a day. Disturbed sleep pattern leads to reduced to metabolism and slower weight loss.

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    Consult a physician:

    A physician will help you chart down meals with respective calories, exercises and daily routine. Targets will be set and steps jotted down to achieve them. Regular feedback on progress will help you keep on track.

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    Stick to it:

    Once started, do not give up on the idea. You have to realize that it does not happen overnight and takes a lot of composure. But once you see the weight machine needle stopping much earlier then the last time, you will have that great satisfaction of 'mission accomplished'. Do not stop here. Keep up your regular exercises and diet plan. Gaining weight again is much easier than losing it.

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