How to Get Rid of Back Fat

Back fat is something very unattractive that almost everyone tries to get rid of. An ugly hanging layer of skin over your waistline or bra strap may be visible through your shirt, stopping you from suiting up attires that show off your back. Moreover, the extra fats in the body lead to health issues like heart problems, type-two diabetes, and many other metabolic syndromes.

Even though there is no miracle move to reduce this extra excess weight but there are some simple methods to get rid of them within a few weeks. However, makes sure to live up to the given below simple steps in order to get rid of your back fat.


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    Keep an eye on your diet – caloric sacrifice

    The simple rule of thumb in getting rid of back fat is cutting down the calorie intake. Losing two lbs. per week (500 to 1,000 calories per day) is enough to reduce the fats by maintaining health at the same time. However, make sure to lose weight steadily rather than quickly as sudden weight loss can have a negative impact on your health.

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    Food choices - low calorie foods

    Adopt the “Low energy density” formula to reduce your back fat by eating a lot of food by volume but not a lot of calories. Avoid junk food and prefer the intake of fruits, lean meats, beans, vegetables, whole grains and liquids.

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    Consider cardiovascular training

    Consider cardiovascular training as another well-organized way to burn calories efficiently, melting the extra fat on your back. You can consider some simple cardiovascular activities like swimming, biking, running, stair climbing or kickboxing etc – anyone of them that you enjoy. Try to do cardiovascular training for 60 to 90 minutes a day to get the desired results within a few weeks.

    Note: Avoid over-doing of the above mentioned cardiovascular activities.

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    Perform back exercises

    The best exercise to drop the extra fat on your back is one that is simple and can be performed time after time! Therefore, work out some useful exercises like bent-over rows, leg raises, lat pull downs, back extensions, bicycle crunches, and Russian twists etc.

    Note: Make sure to perform the mentioned back exercises 2 to 3 days consecutively in order to get rid of the back fat quickly.

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    Control your stress level

    People under stress feel more hungry and end up eating more food than the requirement of their body. As a result, most of the fats get congregated in their abdomen. Therefore, make sure to control your stress level during the day to day activities.

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    Say good bye to your back fat with some home remedies

    There are some constructive home remedies which take no time to prepare and reduce your back fat within a few weeks.

    Honey and Lemon Juice: Pour some of the recently squeezed lemon juice into a glass of warm water. Add in some pure honey and stir with a medium spoon until it dissolves completely. Drink this useful lemon-honey solution early every morning before eating or drinking anything else.

    Mint leaves: Mint leaves play a vital role in breaking down your back fats. Pick some fresh mint leaves and wash them thoroughly. Place them in a small pot and top them with cold water. Place the pot on your stove over low heat and bring it to boil. Let the mint leaves boil for a few minutes until they release their useful ingredients. Have it every morning without eating anything.

    Indian plum leaves: Wash some fresh leaves of the Indian plum and place them in medium bowl. Pour in water until the leaves are all covered.  Cover the bowl with a plate and let the leaves stand in the water over night. Strain the Indian Plum solution early next morning and drink it before breakfast. Repeat this method every week until you get rid of your back fat.

    Lemon juice: Lemon Juice helps in dissolving unnecessary back fats. All you have to do is squeeze the juice of one fresh lemon into a glass of warm water every morning and drink it on an empty stomach.

    Chickweed: Last but not the least; chickweed is very good in dropping the extra back fat. Pour some boiling water into a cup or mug and add in a teaspoonful of chickweed. Stir it for a few seconds and drink it. For more drastic results, make sure to drink at least four cups of this solution per day - one cup prior to every meal and last cup before going to bed in the evening.

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