How to Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Home

Sometimes when you enter your room or washroom and turn on the lights, you might just spot a blackish nasty insect lurking towards the shadow behind the doors or below the sink. These slimy, crawling, shadow dwelling insects, that with only one appearance can arouse feelings of dread in people, are none other than famous and irritating “COCKROACHES.” These insects are very common in washrooms, below beds, behind cupboards, under the sinks, underneath low-lying tables and inside storage cabinets. They are not only irritating but also very difficult to kill as they are resistant to many insecticides. However, it is essential to get rid of cockroaches at any cost as they can transmit the bacteria associated with Shigella, Salmonella along with many other bacterial and viral diseases. Get ideas from this article and get rid of cockroaches in your home.


  • 1

    Clean your house

    Clean all corners of your house thoroughly. Make sure all counters, including areas around the home appliances, are cleaned properly as dirty places give birth to these nasty creatures.

  • 2

    Wash all dirty dishes

    Do not leave dirty dishes outside and make sure to wash them on time. Dirty dishes usually attract cockroaches.

  • 3

    Cover your dishes and food items

    Once you wash the dishes, cover them along with the food items in your house.

  • 4

    Dispose off household waste

    Wear plastic gloves, place your house waste into a thick plastic bag and dispose it immediately.

  • 5

    Vacuum your house

    Vacuum your house on daily basis to maintain proper cleanliness. The nozzle of a vacuum cleaner can easily reach corners of your home and suck the cockroaches into its dust bag.

  • 6

    Keep check on the grocery bags and boxes

    Make sure to keep a thorough check on grocery bags and boxes taken in your house, as the embarrassing cockroaches mostly enter through packaging materials.

  • 7

    Clean your surrounding area

    Frequently clean the areas around your home including animal droppings, garbage and lumber piles. In addition to that, make proper arrangements to remove stagnant water in your area.

  • 8

    Trash old things

    Trash all old clothing, boxes, papers and other things that are no more in use by you. Old things usually serve as shelters for cockroaches.

  • 9

    Fix water leakage

    Fix all kinds of water leak in your bathrooms and sinks as wet places are cockroaches’ favorite areas to live in.

  • 10

    Seal all the holes of your house

    Seal all holes in your house to deny any chances to cockroaches to enter.

  • 11

    Sprinkle boric acid powder

    Wear disposable gloves and cover your mouth with a mask or piece of cloth. Now sprinkle boric acid powder in all those parts of your house where you have noticed cockroach activities. Boric acid is effective against cockroaches. It sticks to their legs and sucks all the liquid in them, making the cockroaches die automatically due to dehydration.

  • 12

    Apply plastic roach bait traps

    Plastic roach bait traps are also useful in getting rid of cockroaches. However, make sure to apply them in unreachable corners of house like under sinks, behind doors and gels in narrow cracks.

  • 13

    Use electronic cockroach killers

    Another good option is the easily available electronic cockroach killer, which is easy to use does not contain any harmful chemicals.

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