How to Breed Sebastopol Geese

Some consider Geese to be amongst the best birds out there. This is because they float about majestically and look rather glorious while doing so. This makes them one of the most desired pets to keep, should anyone be interested in getting bigger birds.

Sebastopol Geese, just like any other goose are bred for multiple purposes. These can vary from getting their eggs, to keeping them as pets, to using them as natural weeding tools.

All in all, it is rather fun to have them on your land, and to see them roam about getting work done.

However, in order to breed them properly, there are a number of instructions that need to be followed rather carefully, in order to get the best possible results.


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    You need to kick things off by building a house for the geese. The geese need to know where it is that they will be staying, in order for them to go about business. This is why it is smart to get to this right away.

    You also need to remember that building this house is not going to be a very easy, this is because you need to remember that safety is important to the birds, since predators are always looking to go on and eat some geese.

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    Next up, you need to go ahead and order geese to breed with. You also have to make a decide whether you want your geese to hatch your eggs for you after they have been laid, or if you are going to be using an incubator.

    Remember that for every three to five females that you have in your stock, you are going to need just one male. Now this is going to be hard for you to moderate, but make sure that you follow this policy since it is very important.

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    Now once the geese get to work and everything has kicked off properly, remember that you need to gather your eggs daily, and keep close tabs on the geese. You always need to know what is going on in the geese hut, so make sure to keep close tabs on the birds.

    At the same time, remember to provide them with ample food and water, since they are bound to get very hungry.

    Lastly, look to ask a vet for some advice over the breeding cycles of the birds, if you think there are any issues.

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