How to Build a Bug Trap

You have grown a small garden around your house and find many insects wandering in your house every now and then. This might be irritating, partly because of hygienic reasons and partly due to the fact that some insects bite. Whatever the reason is, no one likes pests and bugs flying in their clean homes as it gives the impression of a dirty whereabouts. Many pests are often beneficial to certain plants but their existence in your living place is not recommended. Whether they are ants, flies or other bugs in your house, you find a need of placing in a trap to catch them up. Many of us are so nature friendly that we don’t want to kill those bugs but merely get rid of them. Electronic bug traps are available in the market which instantly kills any pest within its reach. You can make a bug trap of your own, which will ensure to catch all the pests wandering in your house without killing them.

Things Required:

    – Plastic bottle
    – An egg
    – Carbonated Soda
    – Kitchen knife
    – Piece of string
    – Hole-punch


    • 1

      Take an average sized plastic bottle and wash it out with soap and water. Rinse the bottle again to remove all the soap within it.

    • 2

      Use a kitchen knife to cut the plastic bottle about three inches from the top. Try to cut the bottle as straight as you can. Scissors can be effectively used for this purpose and you can use a marker to draw the path of your cutting before.

    • 3

      Remove the cut portion of the bottle and place it upside-down into the bottom portion of the plastic bottle.

    • 4

      Crack one egg into a mixing bowl and add 12 ounces of carbonated soda to it. Vigorously mix the contents to make a uniform, slimy paste.

    • 5

      Put half of the concoction into the plastic bottle. You can discard the remaining one.

    • 6

      You can use a ‘hole punch’ or any pointed object to make holes in the opposite side of the bottle. Draw a two foot long string through the holes and tie a knot on the other side of the string so that it might not come out of the hole when pulled. Now hang the bottle to the ceiling or on a wall where you feel bugs are mostly found.

    • 7

      The mixture in the bottle will attract pests and bugs. They will come to have a taste of it and will get stick in the concoction.

    • 8

      Once you have trapped the bugs in the bottle, place the trap in the refrigerator for an hour. This will not kill the bugs but merely make them immobile.

    • 9

      Take the bottle out of the refrigerator and put it out of your house. Remove the top of the trap and allow the bugs to escape and leave your home.

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