How to Make a Bird Trap

You can buy bird traps in a number of types and sizes from the market, though you can make one yourself as well. You do not need any special tools or material for it, just follow some simple steps and you might even able to use a space in the garden or any part around the house to trap a bird. If a bird is ruining your garden or harassing your pet animals it must be captured. However, you should make sure that no harm is done to the bird you are trying to trap, as it can land you in trouble over compromising the bird’s safety.


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    Use of Regular Bird Cage

    You can use a regular or normal bird cage to trap the bird. Since you are likely to know the size and weight of the bird you want to trap or catch, make sure the cage has its mouth wide enough that the targeted bird can enter it safely, and especially there are no naked and sharp wires of any sort. If the mouth of the cage is small, the bird can force its way into the cage and presence of sharp wires around the cage mouth can injure the bird.

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    Use of Birdseed

    Birdseed is the next part of your bird trap strategy. You will have to use birdseed strategically to allure the bird into the cage. First, place a shallow dish of birdseed on the mouth of the cage, just outside the cage. This will allow the targeted bird to come, eat seeds and fly away or even take seeds while flying away. Use seeds, which are quite thicker in size not so thinner that bird sits on the top of the cage and eats, as this can make the bird insecure because it requires them to stay longer.

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    Relocation of Birdseed Inside Cage

    Once you see the bird come in, take the seeds and fly away without feeling nervous or insecure, let it do so for a couple of times. After that, you can place the dish of birdseed inside the cage. This is the main part of the bird trap strategy. Although it does not sound very effective, it often works more successfully than many purpose made traps.

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    Trapping of Bird

    It is the main part of the bird trap work. This will help you see your cage working successfully or failing drastically. The core of the trap is to tie a very thin rope or string with the door of the cage after placing birdseed dish inside the cage. Hide yourself behind the door or any object nearby so that the bird does not see you on the next visit to the cage. Use of thin string is necessary because it will not be very visible to the bird, which otherwise can scare it away. Wait until the bird comes in and as soon as it enters the cage to eat or take away the seeds, pull the string and it will shut the door of the cage and the bird is trapped. Now you can catch it. Make sure you are wearing gloves while catching the bird as its sharp nails can injure you.

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