How to Get Rid Of Bees In Your House

Bees are remarkable creatures considering that they have a big hand in pollination of flowering plants and producing honey, but their presence can be unpleasant if they happened to reside in your house or garden without your consent. Their presence inside the house can prove to be fatal as well, particularly if you have some naughty kids around. Although they are pests but can be quite painful pests as their sting causes great pain. For this reason, it is good not to have them inside your house or in garden where they can be disturbed and as a result they attack. Follow the guidelines to get rid of the bees in your house or garden easily.


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    Be Prepared

    By getting closer to the bees, you’re inviting them to attack, so even if you’re going to explore the area before finding any solution, make sure you’ve protected yourself with a proper costume.

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    Find location of Bees

    If there are bees in your house then it means that there must be a beehive as well. If you want to get rid of bees then you have to remove the beehive first. If you are not sure about their location then try searching in garage corners, crevices, in cracks, under eves or porches. Best time to locate them is early morning when they go out and around dusk when they get back into their hive.

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    Insecticide or Bug Spray

    Whatever the chemical you are using make sure that you spray it directly on to the beehive for best results. It may be quite risky to do it during the day so better try doing it at night when all the bees will be in the nest. It will have less chance of their attack.

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    Contacting a Beekeeper

    If you feel you cannot do it yourself, better is to look for a local beekeeper. He can better help you get rid of bees happily without disturbing your pocket.

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    Keeping bees away

    The above solutions will help you get rid of the bees but do not ensure that they won't come in future, so make sure to plan for long run. In order to ensure that the bees don’t come back and rebuild their nest it is advised to destroy their home completely. If there are any cracks or opening s in your house where bees can make a nest then try covering it with cement.

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