How to Treat Spider Bites on Kids

Most kids are high on energy and it is hard for parents to settle them down at one place, away from falls, hits and even bug bites. The use of the word ‘spider’ gives many parents and kids creeps but the truth is most spiders are harmless and so are their bites. Most spiders bite only when they are irritated and disturbed and trust the kids to do that. You also have to distinguish between a spider bite and bite from any other species. Spider bites are usually single, in their own defence. So if your child has multiple bites, it might not be a spider in the first place. The intensity of most spider bite is similar to that of a bee sting and the bitten part usually gets swollen and red. No need to panic because all this is pretty normal and part of a healthy, inquisitive and active childhood. These can be easily treated at home by using simple medicines and domestic antidotes. Our step by step lists down the different options you can use to treat the spider bites on your kids.


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    Clean up:

    As soon as the kid gets bitten, wash that part up with water and soap. Wash the part regularly, several times a day to keep off infection. keeping it clean is essential to a quick heal.

    Placing an ice pack over the bite will relieve any swelling and also take away pain.

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    As you clean the part, pat it dry with a clean towel or tissue and then apply an antibiotic ointment with clean hands. This antibiotic will ward off any infection that will potentially develop at the hurt part. Infections attack weak parts and at this time, the bitten part is susceptible to them. Spider bite creams are readily available in the market and should be in your first aid box all time.

    You can also give a pain killer to the kid if the pain persists. However, if the kid is experiencing high level of pain, it is best to take him to a doctor to be on the safe side. However, any medicine that you give the child should be age appropriate. Medicines like acetaminophen or ibuprofen are effective painkillers.

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    Consult a doctor:

    If the above remedies do not work, you will have to take the child to the doctor. If you are not sure of the type of spider which bit your child, it is best to take him/her immediately. Spider bites also instigate allergic reactions. Be on the look for this. Examine the child closely after the bite and take a decision based on the symptoms.

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