How to Deal with Termites

Termites can be very destructive to your house, especially wooden doors and furniture. These insects feed on anything made of wood and cause considerable amount of damage in a short period of time. The most worrying thing about termites is that you only know of their existence once they have started to damage the wooden items. Prevention is the key to avoid the damages caused by termites because these tiny creatures cannot be seen easily with naked eye and their presence is only confirmed when damages begin to show up. Certain preventive measures can ensure that your furniture and other wooden items from being eaten up by termites.


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    Wooden debris around your house invites termites. These insects can feed on wood on the surface and even beneath the soil. Hence, if you have a wooden foundation of your house, termites may invade through the cracks in it. Remove any wooden debris surrounding your house in the first instance.

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    Make sure there are no leaks in the water drainage system around your house. Dampness provide ideal conditions for termites to thrive. Help can be sought of a professional exterminator, who can examine whether the dampness levels around your house are safe or encouraging the growth of termites.

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    Another way to protect your house foundation is to use pressure-treated wood. This special type of wood is more resistant to infestation than other generally used wood for foundation building. Another such type of wood is the one which is treated with creosote; it is lesser likely to decay.

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    Regular inspection should be performed to look for any signs of the existence of termites in your house, especially the areas surrounding the foundation. Look carefully for cracks or crevices which might serve as the breeding place of termites.

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    If you find any hint of the existence of termites in any part of your house, immediately call a professional exterminator. He will take necessary actions to determine the existence of termites and remove them immediately. The exterminator will further point out the parts of your house which are infested.

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    Once the extermination process has been done, steps need to be taken to prevent them from returning. Sandbars and termite shields are effectively used to prevent further problems. The exterminator will guide you through the recovering process of the damages caused by termites and you should follow his expert advice.

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