How to Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In The Kitchen

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! There goes another fly with you chasing it desperately with a fly flap. It will not get you anywhere. Fruit flies reproduce exponentially. Killing one or two much will not make much of a difference to these evil little monsters. If your kitchen happens to be the breeding ground of fruit flies, you do deserve all my sympathies. Fruit flies are attracted not just by decomposing fruits but by anything with organic matter in it, the drain, disposal, and garbage bin and literally everywhere with water leaking. Left your dirty dishes overnight in the sink? Well you just made your kitchen host to an army of flies training to make your life miserable. How about combating them? Let us look at some easy ways to drive them off our kitchen.


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    Clean up the mess:

    Got any fruit rotting around? This is the production factory of the flies. Scoop it up in a shopping bag and dispose it somewhere outside the house. Wash the fruit bowl or basket to remove any residuals. Flies need the smallest of reasons to appear.

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    Clean the bins:

    Empty your bins. Wash them with soapy water. Clear the cabinets from unused soda cans, drinks that have been lying around since ages. Flies love being in kitchen with loads of sweet fermented liquids. Try to place your garbage bin outside in the open and not in the kitchen itself.

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    Wash the Dishes:

    Do not leave dirty dishes around the kitchen for a long time, especially not overnight. Clean each and every utensil lying around and mop them dry before putting them away.

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    Clear the Drain:

    If you see flies hovering around the drain, you now know the reason for their existence. Clean the drain with a brush to remove any organic matter inside. Pour hot boiling water inside the drain to remove any fly eggs and debris.

  • 5

    No matter how much you adore your old mop and sponge you need to get rid of it if you really despise the flies. Flies tend to love sour sponges and old mops.

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    Clean thoroughly:

    Give your kitchen a good clean once in a short while. Remove those hidden bread crumbs lying around in the corners, clean the vegetable (onion and potato especially, look for any rotting/soft vegetables) storage places and clean up any sweet liquid as soon as it is spilled. Clean that place under the refrigerator for spilled juices and liquid residues. Wipe the kitchen counters clean, possibly every night before bed.

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    Covering food items will not only prove a disappointment to fruit flies but will also prevent you from any diseases caused by these filthy creatures.

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    If you think you had enough defending your kitchen and it is time for a little offence, set up a vinegar trap. Put some vinegar in an open dish. Flies will be attracted to its smell. Put a little dishwasher liquid into the vinegar to make it soapy. Once the flies attempt to land on the vinegar lured by its ‘scent’, they will not be able to fly back because of the soap. Happy Fly hunting all!

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