How to Make a Homemade Fly Trap

Flies are one among the most nasty house pests and can multiply speedily. Additionally, their sticky legs carry germs and dust all the time. Once they sit on the washed utensils or food items, they contaminate them and spread various diseases. The provided reasons are irritating enough to do away with the flies in your house. Now you might be thinking about purchasing an insecticide from the grocery shop. But do not forget that their application in the presence of children and pet animal is not easy as they contain chemicals. The best thing you can do is make a Homemade Fly Trap. It is very easy activity as you just have to experiment with few easily available ingredients.


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    Sugar- Soap Fly Trap

    Things Required:
    - Dish washing soap - crushed
    - Sugar
    - Jar with a lid
    - Disposable spoon

    Take a medium bowl or glass jar and place some sugar in it. Add in same quantity of crushed dish washing soap. Use a disposable spoon to stir the mixture until the soap dissolves completely and the ingredients blend well. Place the bowl or jar somewhere where your children and pet animals can’t reach it.

    After some time, you will notice that the sweet smell of the soapy mixture will gradually spread to various parts of your house, attracting the flies. Once the flies find their way to this trap, the sugary mixture will smear the wings of the flies, taking away their ability to fly and thereby sinking them into the mixture.  This Sugar- Soap fly trap is for the flies inside the house.

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    Try Vinegar Fly Trap

    Things Required:
    - ½ cup granulated sugar
    - ½ cup white vinegar
    - 2 cups water
    - Dry clean jar
    - Hammer and large nail

    Place ½ cup of granulated sugar in a small bowl and top it with ½ cup of white vinegar. Now pour in 2 cups of water. Stir the solution until the ingredients incorporate well and form a uniform solution. Pour this vinegar mixture into a dry clean jar until fill up to 3/4th.

    Use a hammer and big nail to pierce large holes all around the lid of the jar. Seal the jar and place it in one corner of your house. Now flies from various corners of your house will be attracted to this amazing fruit jar and will be trapped inside it.

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    Plastic Bottle Trap

    Things Required:
    - 2-liter plastic bottle
    - Scissors or razor knife
    - Duct tape
    - Piece of string
    - Some fly bait granules

    Take a 2-liter plastic bottle and cut it into two equal halves, using a sharp pair of scissors or razor knife. Remove the cap form the upper portion and invert it in the lower part to give them a funnel shape. Secure the funnel’s top with the help of a duct tape. Use the pointed tip of a sharp knife to make a large hole on each side of the funnel top. Carefully thread a piece of string through the two holes of the funnel and add some fly bait granules to it.

    Your Plastic Bottle Trap is ready, hang it in the area that you think is frequently visited by the flies. Make sure to hang it high enough to keep it unreachable for children. Wait and watch; the flies will surely get trapped inside it.

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