How to Attract Blue Jays and Cardinals

People who have pet birds in their homes always love to attract Blue Jays and Cardinals which are beautiful birds. Blue Jay is a fascinating bird but it creates loud noises and also querulous. It sometimes chases many other little birds and even eats or damages their eggs. Similarly, Cardinal is also sturdy and large bird that usually gets food from the ground. If you want to attract these birds to your yard or farm then you have to take certain steps. If you have no idea about what to do, then keep reading this article and learn the tricks.


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    Blue Jays:

    First of all you need to build or set up a platform feeder, preferably large one, which will attract Blue Jays to land on it.

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    Make sure you have filled this large feeder with raw peanuts, peanut halves and peanut kernels because Blue Jays like these things for food.

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    You can also add the seeds of sunflower in this feeder because Blue Jays always love to have seeds especially shelled seeds.

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    In winter season, you can also hang a suet feeder because Blue Jays always look for a food that provides them higher level of energy in order to cope up with the intensity of weather.

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    You can also create attraction for Blue Jays into your yard by planting different trees that they like. These trees will provide a natural environment to these birds and they will definitely come to your yard.

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    For attracting Cardinals to your yard, you should arrange a platform feeder or purchase a tray that should be big enough for landing the larger-sized birds.

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    Now you need to fill this platform or tray with the seeds of black-oil sunflower, nut kernels, safflower seeds, apples, or dried fruit. All these things are the favourite food for Cardinals as they always land on places where they find these things to eat.

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    Meal worms are another attraction for Cardinals because these birds always look for meal worms especially in spring season.

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    You can also attract Cardinals to your yard or farm by putting seeds of different fruits or vegetables in the feeder or tray. Cantaloupe, watermelon or squash seeds are the best one in this regard.

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