How to Attract Winter Birds

If you are a big fan of birds and you like them to perch on your feeder, you should know that winter is the best weather for this as birds of different species travel across countries to find shelter in warmer places. Your place could be one of the spots birds frequently visit from colder regions during winter times. So, in order to attract a large number of birds to your feeder, you can rely on food. Putting out food is one of the easiest ways to attract birds and you only have to decide what kind of food you will use to maximize the number of birds visiting your place.


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    Food is the most important thing you can use to attract birds. You should know that different species like different food. However, most birds eat the same general food, so all you have to do is ask an expert what food mix will be the best to lure multiple species at one time. In order to save your time and effort, you can go to a pet expert or pet market to buy special winter bird foods. Moreover, you can also prepare bird feed. Some of the most common things may include peanuts, suet and sunflower seeds (which small fancy birds love the most). If you can ensure a supply of nectar, your shelter can attract a surprisingly large number of different species.

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    Do not forget to put out water at your birds’ shelter as it is the second most important thing you use to attract birds. However, be careful that your shelter should be built in a way that it does not allow big birds like eagles, crows to come in.

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    Build a shelter that has the capacity to accommodate a large number of birds. There are plenty of ready-made shelters you can buy at the market. Some of the most popular shelters may include special winter bird shelters, nesting pockets and bird roost boxes. Since your plan is to attract different species to your feeder, you should be aware that birds like to travel in groups and they don’t usually love to mingle with other species. So, the shelter should be big enough to accommodate several species at a time. If the place is cozy enough, birds will love to roost and stay most of the time. Another aspect that you should keep in mind is that a comfortable shelter is also good for keeping the birds safe in bad weather.

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