How to Keep Fleas Off Of People

Fleas are wingless insects with mouth-parts for piercing skin and sucking blood. Though, they suck an insignificant amount of blood but still their bites can cause different infections. Moreover, having fleas around you is very embarrassing thing. That is why it’s really important to eradicate all fleas from households.

You can get different flea repellent lotions but it is not a permanent solution. You must get rid of these insects before they cause any contagious infection. The key step is to keep your house neat and clean but you should also be aware of a couple of other important things.


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    Look for the fleas:

    First thing you should do is to check whether you have fleas in your house or not. There are many ways to determine such as examining your skin, checking your pets, walking across carpets in white socks etc. If you notice any sign of these parasites then take prompt steps to get rid of them.

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    Wear proper clothes:

    Before starting operation cleanup, you should wear appropriate clothes to save yourself from fleas. You should wear long trousers and full sleeve shirts. Apply insect repellent lotion on your hands and feet.

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    Bathe your pets:

    You should bathe your pets as fleas take shelter in their hair and then reach every corner of the house. Ask your veterinarian to suggest some medicine to clean fleas off your pets. If problem is severe then doing this cleansing as often as possible is recommended.

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    Vacuum your households:

    Sometimes fleas hatch eggs in carpets, cushions or upholstery so you should vacuum these areas properly. Do not miss the corners and remove all the dirt in proper manner. Similarly, fleas hide behind curtains so you should also wash or dry clean the drapes.

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    Spray flea killing mixture:

    You can get insect killing spray from any store and try that to get rid of these fleas. There are also some powders available in the market but avoid using them if you have toddlers in your house. Spray the mixture under furniture and in the corners.

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    Wash your clothes:

    Wash your clothes properly to keep fleas off people. Use hot water and dry them under the sun. Similarly, do not forget to launder your bed sheets, blankets, covers etc. Keep doing that on a regular basis and you will see the number of fleas significantly reducing.

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