How to Make a Pinecone Feeder for Wild Birds

A bird feeder is a great way to attract wild birds in search of food. Feeding hungry birds is a noble act in itself. It also gives nature lovers the opportunity to observe unique bird species that add to the attraction of a yard or garden. Pine cone feeders are extremely effective in this regard, as they attract birds by offering them two of their favorite foods; bird seedsĀ  and peanut butter. The best thing is that the structure for the feeder is already available naturally, in the form of a pine cone. So, there is little effort involved, with great gains.

Things Required:

– Large broad pine cone
– String/twine
– Peanut butter spread
– Bird seeds
– Knife


  • 1

    Select a large and broad cone for the feeder so that it holds enough food for the birds. Collect the cones from under the pine trees where they have fallen. The fallen cones are usually mature and open, making it easier to turn them into a feeder. Do not use any painted or scented pine cones, as the chemicals can harm the birds.

  • 2

    Brush off the cone and dust it clean. Now, tie the piece of string or twine to it and leave some on the end so that you can attach it to the tree branch easily. Make sure that the string is secure enough and the cone does not fall off.

  • 3

    Now, use a knife to apply peanut butter spread on the inner gaps of the cone. Spread the peanut butter on the scales of the cone evenly. Fill the gaps with a thick coat of the spread. Peanut butter gives a great energy boost to the birds, as it is high in proteins and fats.

  • 4

    After you spread the peanut butter, sprinkle the birdseed over the layer. The peanut butter will help in keeping the seeds stuck to the cone and prevent them from falling off. You can use a mixture of bird seeds or simply sunflower seeds.

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    After you are done, tie the cone to a tree branch with the string. Secure the cone carefully, so that it survives in the wind and at a height. Make sure that you hang it in a place where it can easily be located by visiting birds. Once the birds discover it, it will be hard to get them to stay away from such a delicious treat.

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