How to Get Rid Of Water Bugs

Water bugs are considered some of the most unpleasant pests to be present in your house. These giant sized bugs look like roaches and killing them is also a disgusting thing. It is better to adopt some sort of preventive measures so that these pests never enter your house. However, if water bugs have already invaded your house, you can get rid of them yourself, rather than calling an exterminator for the job. A few simple steps can help you out with resolving the bug problem.


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    Water bugs are basically attracted to damp and unused places in your house. You have to clean out all such areas within your house. A lot of empty boxes, unused closets, unfinished basement or moisture in your garage are some of the favourite areas for water bugs to thrive.

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    Cleaning out the mess will destroy the hiding places of water bugs and it will be less likely that they return to your house. Perform a thorough dusting and wiping down surfaces of such areas to keep the bugs away from your house in the future.

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    Drains are also favourite habitat of water bugs and you have to discourage them from taking residence in those pipes. Household vinegar can be used very effectively for this purpose. Dishwasher drains, garage drains and the drains associated to your shower, tubs and bathroom might have organic material stuck into them and this can attract water bugs easily. You can pour several cups of vinegar down your drains to clear out any chances of water bugs in there.

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    Trim down the plants around the entrances of your house, since damp and dark soil is preferred by water bugs to thrive. If the bugs get their residence within the foliage around your house, it is most likely that they will find their way into your house easily.

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    If you have got pets at home, you also need to protect their food. Pets’ food should always be kept sealed and you have to clean out any small kibbles that roll down to the corners of your house. Water bugs are strongly attracted by them.

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    If you still can’t control the presence of water bugs in your house despite of all the preventive measures, you better call an exterminator. Those professionals will device a decent way to get rid of your problem in an efficient manner.

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