How to Deal with Yellow Jackets

Wasps or Yellow Jackets as they are commonly known as can be very irritating when you are outdoors trying to enjoy with friends and family. Yellow Jackets can be quite aggressive as they are constantly on the lookout for some protein or sugar to snack on. One of the major differences between a Yellow Jacket and a honey bee is the ability for a wasp to use their stinger multiple times. Anyone that has ever been stung by a Yellow Jacket knows just how painful this can be. If you take the necessary precautionary steps you can learn how to effectively deal with yellow jackets around your home or garden.


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    Contain Outdoor Trash:

    If you have trashcans outdoors, it is very important to make sure that these are properly sealed. Yellow Jackets are always looking for food that contains sugar or protein. Keeping your trashcans sealed tight will help prevent Yellow Jackets from buzzing around your lawn or garden.

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    Keep your outdoor areas free from Fruit:

    By removing fruit from your outdoor areas, Yellow Jackets will not have a primary source of food. If you maintain fruit trees in your garden, then it is crucial that you regularly remove any fruit that is on the ground.

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    Keep a lid on food before eating:

    When outdoors enjoying a picnic with friends and family, it is a very good idea to keep your soft drinks and food tightly sealed until you want to eat them. By keeping your food and drinks sealed, Yellow Jackets will not swarm around as you try to enjoy the outdoors.

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    Search for Yellow Jacket Nests:

    Carefully look around the outdoor areas of your home for Yellow Jacket nests. Identify the various locations where Yellow Jacket nests exist to help you find out where they are coming from and pass this information along to an exterminator.

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    Buy and use Traps:

    Find a decent lawn and garden store where you can buy traps. Hang these traps around your outdoor areas to contain Yellow Jackets.

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    Hire an experienced Exterminator:

    Find and hire an experienced exterminator to help remove your Yellow Jacket problem once and for all. Exterminators are trained professionals that have all the necessary skills and tools to safely remove Yellow Jacket nests. Be sure to hire an experienced exterminator that is licensed to handle your problem.

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    Maintain your Outdoor Areas:

    After the exterminator does his job, it is vital that you maintain your garden or lawn areas around your home. Pick up dry leaves and dead branches to prevent Yellow Jackets from coming back and building nests. By regularly maintaining your outdoor areas you can easily prevent Yellow Jackets and other insects from taking hold again.

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