How to Attract Colorful Birds to Your Yard

If you love seeing colourful birds flying around your yard, you will have to make the yard just like a natural habitat for the birds. Three basic things that your yard must contain in order to attract birds are food, water and shelter. And of course, there should be no predatory animals such as cats or dogs roaming around the yard. Here are a few things that you need to be taken care of before you can attract colourful birds so that they will make a home in your yard.


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    Plenty of food is the first requirement in order to attract colourful birds to your yard. Make sure that all black sunflower seeds are in abundance in the food supply because these seeds have high fat content which will make it easier for the birds to make it through the winter season.

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    Birds prefer to make home in a yard with lots of native plants and shrubs. So ensure that your yard is rich in plants and shrubs native to colourful birds. Butterfly bush, spicebush, aster, sedum, coneflower and hibiscus are some of the shrubs that will attract colourful birds to your yards. You may have to plant these shrubs if they are not already growing in your yard.

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    You need to make sure that there is plenty of fresh water in your yard at all times. A bird bath or a water source no deeper than 1 inch is the best way to ensure this. If you can not manage continuous supply of fresh water to the bird bath, make sure that you replenish it with fresh water at least once every day. Keep in mind that birds can not swim which is why too deep a bird bath will do no good at all.

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    Setting up an appropriate shelter for the birds comes next. Put up a bird house in your yard with a small entrance so that predators such as cats can not get into the bird house. Cleaning the bird house is also very important so make sure that the bird house that you put up has a removable base so that you can clean it properly and regularly.

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