How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Birds are a lively part of nature with delightful colors that make a garden attractive. Waking up to the soft chirping of birds has been widely illustrated by writers, poets and filmmakers. A garden is an incomplete one if it lacks the beauty and sounds of fluttering birds.  Birds are attracted to gardens for a number of reasons. The main ones are food, water and shade. You will have a garden full of colorful winged birds if you provide them with these necessities. Place a chair in your garden or on the terrace and be at comfort to witness these amazing creations of nature.


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    Food is a great attraction for birds, especially in winter months when trees are full of fruits. Place a bird feeder in your garden and stock it with seed mixes, fat balls, peanuts,  sunflower seeds, canary seed, hemp and husk-free oats regularly. You can also use food choices to attract the types of bird you want to attract. Seeds attract the largest variety of birds. If you want to attract the hummingbird to your garden, nectar feeders are the best option. Insect eater birds like woodpeckers and nuthatches are attracted towards suet. Generally, the more fruit trees you plant, the greater number of birds you attract. Plant different species of trees so that they bear fruit over a long period and keep attracting birds for most part of the year.

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    It is another source of attraction for birds, especially in hot summer months when they are in desperate search of water. Keep out a bird bath in the garden. You can make a bird bath yourself using a deep dish of concrete or install a ready made one. Keep it full with water. Once the birds are used to finding water in your garden and can rely on it, they will visit frequently.

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    Shade and shelter:

    Like us human beings, birds are also in constant search of a reliable shady area where they can be protected from weather elements like the sun and rain. Build bird houses that have a roof to protect them. Also place nests bought from bird shops or made yourself for the birds to use and even make a home in. This is a way of attracting birds for a long time as many birds will look at the garden as their home.

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