How to Kill Bedbugs in 24 Hours

Bedbugs are the most disapproving and irritating pests because these pesky creatures create many problems for the inhabitants. Usually people get bedbugs infestation that creates trouble for them by causing itching. Extermination of bedbugs is a challenging task as you need to take certain steps in order to kill these bedbugs. If you are also having the problem of bedbugs in your home and want to get rid of them then you can take guidance from this post which will help you to kill bedbugs in just 24 hours.


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    First of all, you need to wash all bedding of your room including cotton and linen sheets of your bed in hot water. Make sure washing your bedding in cold water will not earn you desired results and you will not be able to kill all bedbugs.

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    After getting done with washing your bedding, you need to put these sheets or clothes into a dryer. Try to repeat the process of drying the clothes for one more time which will help you in getting better results.

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    Now take all small items of your room especially pillows and stuffed animals that you cannot wash. Put these things under direct sunlight for at least 8 hours. The hot sun will provide direct heat to these pillows and stuffed animals and will kill the bedbugs.

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    Make sure you keep these things under direct sunlight and when you see that shadow is getting near to these things then change their place in order to provide constant sun light.

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    After that, take a hand-held steamer and steam your mattress thoroughly in order to kill the bedbugs. After steaming the mattress, you should place it under direct sunlight as the hot sun will help in killing the remaining bedbugs that escaped from the steamer.

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    Keeping your bed mattress under direct sunlight helps a lot as the heat of sunlight reaches in the inner layers of the mattress which helps in killing bedbugs easily.

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    If you think that things are getting out of your control, then call a professional pest controller who will help you in exterminating bedbugs in an efficient manner.

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    Do not forget to apply bedbugs killing method to all rooms of your home which will help in making all rooms free from bedbugs.

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