How to Identify the State Bird of Alabama

Different states of America have nominated different birds which are commonly known as state birds. The northern clicker, also known as the yellowhammer, is the state bird of Alabama which is situated in the southern side of America. This bird was given the status of state bird in 1929 and it was called yellowhammer at that time and there are many people in Alabama who still call this bird yellowhammer instead of northern flicker. Many people do not know how to identify a northern flicker or yellowhammer.


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    First of all, you should get as much information as possible about northern flicker or yellowhammer. You should also know that it is a big bird of about one foot long when it is fully grown.

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    The northern flicker or yellowhammer has a red mark behind its head and its beak is also very long. Red mark behind the head is quite prominent on both males and females northern flicker.

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    The male flicker or yellowhammer also has a red-coloured moustache stripe that starts from the base of the beak. You can also see a patch on its chest which is similar to a necklace.

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    The overall colour of northern flicker or yellowhammer is greyish brown and there are many prominent sports on the belly. There are black spots or bars on the wings of northern flicker. However, when this bird flies, the white colour on its rump becomes very prominent.

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    Northern flicker or yellowhammer belongs to the woodpecker family and its flight is just like many woodpeckers because it falls down in the similar way.

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    The northern flicker or yellowhammer loves to spend its time on ground and you may find it in your yard that has a few dead or old trees. This state bird lives makes nest in dead trees by using its beak.

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    If you are living in Alabama near woods, then you can check the dead trees by knocking them and the chances are high that a northern flicker or yellowhammer will fly out from the shallow stem of the dead tree.

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    You can also identify the northern flicker or yellowhammer from its feet that have two toes in the front and two on the backside.

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