How to Overcome Fear of Birds

Fear of birds, also known as ornithophobia, is a serious matter as people cannot enjoy bird watching as a hobby just because of some irrational thoughts.  Moreover, one cannot live a normal life with this phobia as birds are everywhere.

If you are one of those people you must know that there is almost zero probability of getting attacked by a bird. You must understand that phobias are just baseless fears. It may be the result of a bad childhood memory.

Though, it can be uncontrollable at times but you can overcome this fear through some simple but effective exercises.


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    Do not hesitate in accepting:

    First thing you should do is to stop pretending. You should not hide that you are afraid of birds. Remember, accepting and identifying the problem is always the first step towards the solution. Do not feel embarrassed if people know about your phobia as everybody has some.

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    Look for a league:

    As told before, everyone has some phobias so it is natural. You must understand that you are not alone. Being afraid of birds does not mean that you have some mental problem. Look for those who also have ornithophobia as they will understand your problem and help you.

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    Look for the reason:

    Sometimes, a bad childhood memory sticks to your mind and you cannot come out of its influence until the last breath. You must ask yourself about the reason of this phobia. Try to make yourself realise that you are old and strong enough to overcome this problem.

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    Talk to yourself:

    You should talk to yourself and convince that all phobias are irrational. Browse the internet and check how many people get attacked by birds every year. You will find out that there are very few cases. Tell yourself that chance of a bird attacking you is very low and you are able to handle the situation even if it happens.

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    Seek help from others:

    You will find many people around you who had ornithophobia earlier but they are living a normal life. Ask them how they managed to overcome this problem. Every person will guide you according to personal experience. Pick the remedy that is suitable for you.

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    Time to act:

    Remember, nothing can help you until you are ready to face your fear. Visit places like a park or a zoo, feed the birds and try to get close to them gradually. This will really help you get rid of this fear.

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