How to Install a Rabbit Proof Fence

One of the most common problems farmers and small garden owners have, is dealing with rabbits. Despite rabbits seemingly being rather cute, cuddly and friendly, they can prove to be a nightmare from time to time.

They tend to hop on into the crop fields and then they start eating away at your crops and flowers, that you put a lot of effort into, in order to grow them.

Most of the time, dogs are appointed to keep guard of area where rabbit infestations occur, but that doesn’t prove to be very helpful either.

The best solution is to go ahead and place a rabbit proof fence around the area, in order to prevent the rabbits from getting in.

However, while doing so, you need to make sure that you follow the appropriate steps which come with building and placing a fence around your garden.


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    The first step is for you to go out and purchase a fence. You can do so by going on to a website, or going to a local gardening tool provider. When buying a fence just make sure that the holes in the fence are very small, and don’t allow rabbits to squeeze through them. At the same time, make sure the fence is at least four to five feet tall, since one foot of the fence will be going underground.

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    The next step is to dig a trench around the garden and in the area where you will be placing your fence. This trench should be one foot wide and wide enough to let the fence sit in it. Don’t dig the trench too wide, or your fence will be knocked over and will allow the rabbits ample room to squirm around and find their way into the garden any way.

    Also remember to cover the fence and make sure it is sturdy in the position that you want it to rest in.

    Do this by pushing dirt in once you place the fence in and make sure to really pack the fence in with the dirt.

    Once the fence is in place with the dirt packed back in, make sure that it can’t be tipped or knocked over. Also ensure that it is buried at least one foot into the ground.

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    In order to really make sure no rabbit gets into your garden, invest in some rabbit repellents. Buy some fox urine or blood, which can be easily found in a gardening store.

    You can also try and look up other alternatives if you want.

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