How to Keep Ants Out of Your Home

One or two ants kicking around your kitchen or home isn’t the end of the world, however when it seems like the ant hill might be moving in with you, there is no question that you have to put a stop to it. Rather than harmful chemical-based ant and insect repellents being spread throughout your home, we suggest that you use natural, healthy and safe materials instead. Luckily, there are several highly effective natural products that can be used to repel and deter ants.


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    Cinnamon Sticks and Garlic Cloves

    This potent and delicious combination is effective at ridding your house of ants. The important thing to do is to figure out where ants are getting into your home. This may be window sills, doorways or other cracks. Place cinnamon sticks or a few garlic gloves directly near those areas. The scents deter ants and should clear them.

    Replace cloves every 2-3 days and continuously check to see if ants are still poking around.

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    Distilled white or apple cider vinegar work very well at ridding an area of ants. Simply put some vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the areas the ants frequent.

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    Black Pepper

    Pepper acts quickly, which is a great thing. Sprinkle pepper near the ants and watch them scatter. Follow the ants and see where they might be entering/exiting your home. Sprinkle pepper there as well and bid adieu to the ants.

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    Surprisingly, many strong smelling herbs can effect how ants act and keep them out of your home. Plant herbs in pots near windows and doors both inside and outside your house and reap the rewards. An added bonus is the fact that herbs smell awesome and will add aromas to your home and food (if you add them).

    The following herbs work well:

    - mint
    - basil
    - chili peppers
    - rosemary
    - thyme

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