How to Survive a Locust Attack

Crops, grasses and other vegetations are at risk when locusts attack and people who want to protect their vegetation when these insects swarm need to learn how to fight back. You need to be properly equipped with the right ammunition to fight off these pesty buggers. Locusts attack, if not treated properly can affect livelihoods, because farmers can lose their entire crop fields to these attacks, and all their hard work can go to waste just because they weren’t prepared. As mentioned earlier, you need to be equipped with the right things to fight when locusts swarm.

Things required:

– Pesticides
– Hand-held sprayers
– Vehicle mounted and aerial sprayers
– Fungus


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    You need to understand the enemy before you wage a war on it. Understanding locusts is winning half the battle here. Locusts are not renowned for harming humans, so you do not need to be afraid of your own safety when you come in contact with them. And you do not have to worry about getting any diseases from them. Just to be on the safe side, you need to close all your windows and doors at night time so you don’t get uninvited guests inside the premises.

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    Sometimes it is easy and wise to leave it to the government. Area governments are pretty active when there is a locusts attack, and they tend to take action against these attacks in order to ensure that there isn’t any loss to the crop fields or any other vegetation in the area.

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    Don’t let locusts develop wings. It is imperative that you understand the biology here, and get into your stride before the problem gets bigger. It is advised that you initiate spraying the locusts in their nymph or hopper stage because once they develop wings it will be hard for you to kill them. Use hand held sprays for this operation, and use them on the hoppers when they are in groups called bands.

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    Now, you get to use your vehicle mounted with aerial sprays . What this chemical will do is that it will prevent the insect from growing because it will harden the exoskeleton of the insect.

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    There are other ways to fight of the invading swarm then to just spray them off. You can halt their growth by using fungus, which takes away the moisture and nutrients from the locusts.

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