How to Get Rid of Corns on Toes

Corns on toes or feet, also known as foot calluses, are common issue now days. They are formed by the collection of damaged cells around other exasperated tissues on the feet. There are several causes for the appearance of corns on some one’s feet but the most common of them is because of the type of shoes people wear. The foot corns are more common in women because of the use of high heels. Apart from miss fitted shoes, corns are also formed because of some problems with the bone structure of feet and the way of walking a person adopts. In any case, you should take great care of your shoes to avoid getting the corns on your toes. There are number of easy ways to adopt in order to get rid of corns on toes.


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    Apply Bran, Borax, and Iodine paste

    The very first procedure that one should adopt in order to get rid of corns on toes is use of Bran, Borax, and Iodine. All of these items are one of the most famous and effective methods for the treatment of corns. Create a mixture of all of these ingredients along with warm water and soak your feet in the mixture for 15 to 20 minutes daily. Use of same technique for several days will let you get rid of the corns on your toes.

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    Apply Cocoa Butter

    Cocoa Butter is another alternative that can be used to moisturize the corns. Apply some Cocoa Butter to the corns on your toes and leave it for some time until soft. Now, rub the corns on your toes with the help of pumice stone until you get rid of them.

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    Wear comfortable shoes

    Another practical routine that you can follow to get rid of corns on toes is use of airy and comfortable shoes. Once you will start wearing comfortable shoes, the corns will no more stay on your toes.

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    Prevent corns on your toes from rubbing

    If you have corns right in between the toes, then you can use any sort of soft padding between your toes for example soft cloths, which will help you to prevent them rubbing against each other. This method is very useful and it helps a lot to get rid of corns on toes.

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    Visit skin specialist

    If none of above mentioned solution works for you then the possibility is that you are having some sort of physical health problem that is certainly damaging your cells and tissue. In this case, the best practice is to visit your doctor to get further guidance on medication.

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