How to Get Rid of Crabgrass

You cannot afford patches of crabgrass in your garden if you want it to look great and green. Crabgrass will hurt your garden’s look and will damage the surrounding grass patches if it is left to grow. You need to properly maintain your garden and tend to it in order to prevent crabgrass growth. This includes daily watering and regular inspection of your garden. When you are using herbicides to get rid of any crabgrass, make sure you use those recommended by your local authorities. Follow the steps below to remove the existing crabgrass and prevent further growth.

Things Required:

– Herbicides
– Scissors
– Sprayer


  • 1

    Use herbicides

    You need to use herbicides to get rid of any existing crabgrass. Make sure you get an approved and recommended herbicide which does not cause damage to surrounding grass or plants. You also need to go through the label carefully to look for any chemicals or components that may be hazardous to health.

  • 2

    Apply herbicides according to season

    This is extremely important. You can either use pre-emergent herbicides or post-emergent herbicides. There is a time for every herbicide and a corresponding effect. You must apply pre-emergent herbicides in early spring or late winter, as they will prevent any seeds from sprouting and will stop the crabgrass from growing. Similarly, apply post-emergent herbicides in late spring or early winter to kill the existing crabgrass growth.

  • 3

    Cut the crabgrass

    After treating with herbicides, you should cut the crabgrass. This can be done with the help of a long scissor. Make sure you re-seed your garden in time for the next season after removing the crabgrass.

  • 4

    Hand weed the light infestations

    If there are light infestations, you can remove them by hand. Gather the whole set of crabgrass in your hand and slowly pull the whole bunch out.

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