How to Get Rid Of Eczema Quickly Step by Step

Any skin disease can have adverse effect on your psychological as well as mental state. Majority of people lose confidence because of having skin problems. Eczema is a wide term used to refer to severe skin disorder which can be of different forms for example atopic eczema, contact dermatitis, exotic eczema, seborrhea dermatitis etc. Eczema can be genetically inherited and it can also be due to several external factors. Imbalance in the immune system causes it to over reaction to various external factors that leads to swelling, dryness, itchiness, blistering, bleeding, inflammation and redness of your skin. Eczema can be acute and chronic as well and can be prevented by taking several precautionary measures and improving your daily life style. This guide provides you some useful tips to get rid of eczema quickly.


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    Keep your skin moisturized

    Apply moisturizer regularly, especially after bath or whenever skin gets water contact. This will help to prevent skin dryness and relief from inflammation caused by eczema. Fragrance free moisturizers are recommended as they contain less chemicals in them.

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    Keep your self clean

    You have to stay clean and safe from all kinds of germs and bacteria as much as possible to avoid skin eczema. Take bath once a day and make sure that the water is not too hot or cold, it should be lukewarm.

    Avoid prolong baths and use of soap as much as possible as it will take away natural oils from your skin. After bath, dry your skin gently with towel and avoid rubbing. Apply body moisturizer at the end.

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    Avoid contact with detergents

    Detergents are very harmful for skin suffering from eczema. As they enhance the permeability of your skin membrane and allow antigens to easily enter into your skin causing increased irritation and inflammation. Try to keep your skin protected by wearing gloves etc.

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    Avoid scratching your skin

    Eczema turns your skin too itchy and irritating that you are forced to do anything to reduce that itchiness. However scratching your skin will make your skin more prone to infection and inflammation. So do not ever rub or scratch your skin. You can apply some moisturizer or lotion to feel better.

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    Improve your diet

    You can get rid of eczema by improving your daily diet. As, balanced diet will help to supply required nutrients to your body for the balanced and proper functioning of immune system to reduce skin sensitivity. Avoid processed food as there're some chemicals in them. Acidic food also worsens the eczema. Get sufficient amount of vitamin D, E and Omega 3 fats through your diet and avoid dairy products.

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    Drink water

    One key rule to get rid of eczema is to stay hydrated. As water helps our body and skin to get sufficient amount of oxygen required for its nourishment and keeps it moisturized. Drink at least 8 glasses of water to stay hydrated and help your skin cells to make the recovery process quicker.

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    Use vitamin E cream

    Vitamin E is known for its anti-micro biotic nature. Irritation on skin from eczema is due to the presence of certain microorganisms and bacteria. Thus applying creams containing Vitamin E or any natural source of this vitamin can reduce and eliminate skin itchiness.

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    Wear loose cloths

    Eczema suffering skin is very sensitive. Tight cloths on such skin create continues irritation and inflammation. So avoid fit cloths and try to wear loose cotton cloths.

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    Sun light therapy

    Research and studies have shown that sun light can actually reverse the eczema and is extremely beneficial for infected skins. What sun light do is that it makes your body to produce special vitamins that fights against eczema and speeds up the recovery process. But there are certain precautionary measures that one must take while treating his eczema with sun light. You should apply a sun block over your body before exposing it to sun. Avoid going for this therapy when the sun rays are strong. Do not stay under sun for more than an hour. Take a lukewarm bath after therapy.

  • 10

    Eat fruits and vegetables

    Oxidative stress damages our immune system, opening a way to eczema. Fruits and vegetables contain several anti-oxidants that help to prevent oxidative stress and alleviate eczema by regulating our immune system. Certain fruits and vegetables are also anti-inflammatory and their consumption helps reducing the severity. Fruits and vegetables that an eczema suffering person should eat include artichokes, asparagus, avocados, berries, carrots, radish, spinach etc.

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