How to Get Rid of Foxes in your Garden

Most of us have heard several stories about foxes when we were kids. The theme of every story about them was almost the same i.e. the fox was tricking some pest to eat him. Well now, we know that the stories were just limited to pest but in actual foxes are headache for men as well. If you have a garden at your home then you might have had a chance to see a fox visiting your place, spilling over trashcans, digging your garden’s soil, destroying plants and killing your pets. Although they do not tend to harm humans but they still create several problems for them as mentioned before.

This guide will highlight all the ways to get rid of foxes in your garden.


  • 1

    Keep your pets inside

    Foxes usually enter human territories in search of their meal. Cats, puppies, rabbits, birds and squirrel etc are their common hunt. So, try to keep your pets secured in some safe pet home or rather keep them inside especially in night and also don’t leave their food dishes out. If you don’t have any pets and still those foxes keep on coming to your place then make sure there aren’t any squirrels in your garden as this might be the reason of their visit.

  • 2

    Cover garden with fence

    You can cover your garden with fence to restrain foxes. If the garden occupies a large area then you can only fence those places that are more attractive to a fox. As foxes can jump and climb up so you can use an electric fence to get rid of foxes in garden. 

  • 3

    Keep your garden clean

    Don’t leave any kind of edible out in garden to eliminate the chance of their coming back. Also make sure that there aren’t any fallen fruits from the trees in your garden. This will allow pests like mice and squirrel etc to come for fruits and hence provide foxes with an open invitation to come to your garden and eat those pests.

  • 4

    Keep garbage cans closed

    Open garbage cans attract foxes to eat all what they can. Also the smell coming out of the garbage bags allow them to know where the garbage is placed. Therefore, keep the trash cans tightly closed to stop foxes from coming in your garden.

  • 5

    Use fox repellent sprays

    You can use fox repellent products to get rid of foxes. Spray those repellents in your garden. The smell of the sprays will keep the foxes from coming to your garden.

  • 6

    Buy a dog

    Buy a big dog to scare the foxes away. As dogs bark loudly whenever they see such strange animals and scare them away. The dog should be big enough to chase the foxes rather then to be their meal.

  • 7

    Spill some predator’s urine in garden

    When the foxes smell their predator’s urine they perceive that another animal has taken over the territory. Hence, they tend to stay away from that place. You can visit your near by zoo and ask from the authorities to give you some lion’s urine. Do tell them the reason as well, so that they might help you better. Human urine is also effective to avoid fox visit.

  • 8

    Call wild life control officer

    If you are thinking about catching a fox then beware! That fox can probably be carrying rabies and their bite can transfer that fatal infection to you. So take a wise step and call your local wild life control officer to help you to remove foxes from your garden.

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