How to Get Rid Of Ganglion Cyst

Ganglion cyst is a swelling which appears on or around the joints on hand or foot. It is also known as Bible cyst and is not related to neural ganglion. Medical treatment is not required but you should follow your physician’s advice.


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    Confirmation of a ganglion cyst

    First of all you need to check that whether the swelling is the ganglion cyst or not. You can always go to a doctor who will check in a glance that the swelling is a ganglion cyst or not.

    In case you cannot go to a doctor, you can figure out whether the swelling is a ganglion cyst or not by the following methods:

    - Most of ganglion cysts are not painful but in case it is then you will feel non-stop pain. This pain will get worse with the movement of that particular joint. If the pain is sharp then it might be something else and you need to visit a physician.
    - A ganglion cyst feels firm or squishy.
    - If the cyst is not on foot and hand then it may be something else. You should consult a doctor.
    - This type of cyst is most commonly located on the back of hand on the wrists. It may also be found on the fingertips, palm, around knee and ankle and on the top of the foot.

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    Non-Surgical treatment

    There are two non-surgical ways of treating a ganglion cyst.

    Limit motion

    You can limit the motion of the joint where the cyst is located. You can do this by wearing a splint. By this way the amount of fluid going into the cyst will be lowered.


    You can always massage or add gentle pressure on the cyst which will force fluid to leave it.

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    Surgical treatment


    Doctors may advise to drain the cyst or aspire it.

    Pierce the cyst

    The ganglion cyst may be pierced in different location in order to drain the fluid.

    Remove the ganglion sac

    Doctors might opt to discard the ganglion sac and surrounding tissues.

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