How to Get Rid of Pest Allergy

There isn’t anyone on planet Earth who has not been bitten by a pest or parasite. This is something so common that perhaps 99% of the times it goes unnoticed, unless it results in severe pain or irritation; like when stung by a bee. However, sometimes when an insect or a rodent runs over your skin, it can result in skin rash and other problems like coughing, eczema and wheezing. This happens as a result of pest allergy. The same may not be true for everyone, but there are many who have sensitive skin as well as a weak immune system. Nevertheless, there are a few things that can be handy for you to cope up with pest allergy.


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    Treating the Sting

    If you get a blister as a result of a sting, immediately clean it with an anti-bacterial soap and warm water. As a home remedy, it is often good to apply blue ink or a piece of iron as it prevents inflammation and swelling.

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    Chlorax Bleach

    Another way for instant relief to prevent an allergic reaction is to wash the affected area thoroughly and then apply a small amount of chlorax bleach. This will also be helpful in prevention against swelling and itching.

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    Colorful Clothes and Sandals

    While sitting in the garden or an open area, it is advised not to wear colorful clothes as they attract insects. Besides, you should also avoid being barefoot or in sandals on the grass.

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    Keep the drinks covered

    Keep your drinks covered when drinking. This is because insects may crawl into an unprotected beverage and sting.

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    Keep the surroundings clean

    Try to keep your house clean from any kind of garbage as it is the biggest attraction for pests and rodents. You must spray insecticides at least once a month to protect your house from all types of pests and insects.

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