How to Get Sponsors for an Art Show

Art lovers always try to find means to promote their art and setting up an art show is the best way that provides a platform to portray their creativity. In art shows, many artists present their best art work and get appreciation from the visitors. However, arranging an art show involves huge expenses and many art show organisers remain in search of sponsors. Getting sponsors for an art show is something challenging and countless people fail to get attention of potential sponsors. However, with effective communication skills, you can easily grab attention of potential sponsors. Keep reading to learn more.


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    First of all, you should compile a plan for an art show including the names of the artists, location and theme of the show. Make sure the location has enough space for accommodating a large number of visitors.

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    After making selection of location and the quantity of the art work of different artists that you want to present in the show, you should determine the required budget which is the most important aspect of an art show.

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    Make a marketing plan for the potential sponsors and ask for their financial help for your art show. You should offer them publicity in exchange to their sponsorship.

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    Make sure you offer something beneficial for different sponsors if you want to get more than one sponsors for your art show. You should also offer free tickets of your art show to the family or friends of these sponsors.

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    You need to contact to catering services, printing shops, publication companies, museums, art galleries and different art supply stores for getting sponsorships for your art show.

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    You should visit the business offices of different sponsors and try to convince them by emphasising on the aspect that your art show will help in the publicity of their business as well.

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    Make sure you have got appointments before visiting the offices of different sponsors. Talk to the marketing managers of these sponsors and ask for their help by sponsoring your art show.

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    Keep in touch with your sponsors constantly before the specific day or days of your art show. It will help you to keep them engaging and also offer them as much facilities at art show as possible because it will help you to make a strong relationship with them which will be helpful in future sponsorships.

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