How to Get Stains Out of Your Dog\’s White Coat

White dogs require more cleaning and care than the ones having any other colour fur on their body. Once your white dog gets a stain on his coat, it might be a real problem to get him cleaned completely. Dogs keep wandering in your entire house and you never know when they spill something onto them, staining their beautiful white coat. Oil stains are thought to be the toughest to remove from clothing and the same applies to dog’s coat. Dog’s own saliva can also make some stains on his coat and they really look bad. There are certain methods which can be used to clean up the stains from the white coat of a dog.


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    If your pet has stained his coat with motor oil or grease, you have to follow certain tips in removing them. Start with applying some baby powder to the dog’s stained coat. The powder will absorb the oil from dog’s fur and make it easier for you to give him a bath.

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    Try to apply decent quantity of powder on the coat (the more, the better) and leave it for at least 30 minutes, allowing it to absorb oil molecules.

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    Put your canine into a bath tub and put one drop of mineral oil in his each eye. This will protect your dog’s eyes from burning irritation if any shampoo enters them while giving him a bath.

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    In order to get oil out of dog’s fur effectively, it is better that you lather your pet before getting him wet with water. The powder you sprinkled earlier will bring out most of the oil from his coat.

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    Turn on the shower and rinse your dog with lukewarm water, rubbing the stained area thoroughly.

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    Apply soap to his coat and rinse it out completely, otherwise it can cause discomfort to your pet’s skin later.

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    Apply your hair conditioner to the dog’s coat and massage it onto his coat. This will return the moisture into the dog’s coat.

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    Towel dry your dog thoroughly and then comb or brush him to remove any possible mattes left behind.

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    If your dog is stained with his own saliva, you should begin by wiping out the coat’s area with dog wipes.

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    Take 3 tablespoons of whitening dog shampoo and add 5 tablespoons of baking soda to it. Mix it thoroughly.

  • 11

    Put your dog in a bath tub and wash his stained coat with the mixture your prepared. Rinse with warm water.

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    Take 4 cups of warm water and mix 2 cups of vinegar into it. Rinse the dog’s stained white coat with this mixture and then keep washing with warm water until the stain runs clean.

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