How to Introduce New People to Your Dog

Your dog should definitely meet people outside your house. It is not only good for you, but also good for the dog. It will help the dog socialize and it will also help you socialize. Therefore, you should know how to introduce your dog to new people as you do not want your dog to embarrass you in front of others, and the social circle which is around you.


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    When you are introducing to others, try not to make a lot of people appear in front of him. Obviously, when too many people are going to make a crowd around your dog, he will feel awkward and might even try and bite your friends. Since you do not want an awkward situation around you; therefore, you should make sure that not all of your friends surround your dog and you know how to bring them into your house so that your dog does not feel uncomfortable. Try making the environment a bit more comfortable for your dog so that it is easy for him to know people that are in your social circle.

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    Do not put your dog in situations where he might feel nervous. For example: There are times when you are asking your dog a bit too much in front of your friends. Try to avoid such situations and keep things simple. Do not make things awkward for yourself and for your dog. Either tie him down, or even if he is open and playing around, let him do whatever he wants as playing around will not be a problem in front of your friends.

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    One friend at a time

    When you call your friends so that they can come and play with your dog, try to call one friend at a time for starters. This will not only help you in many ways; in fact, it will also help the dog. The dog will get to know each and every friend of yours one by one and later even if they all come together, it is not going to be a problem. Therefore, try to introduce your friends to the dog one at a time so that at least he remembers them all during the time they are away.

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    Be calm

    If your dog is acting awkwardly in front of your friends and the people you know, it is totally normal. You do not have to act hyper about it in front of your friends. The best way to tackle a situation like this is to act calm. That way your dog will know who the boss is and he will act accordingly over time.

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    Let the dog get to know others

    Do not force each and every person into the dog's life. When you will be presenting one person at a time in front of your dog, he will realize that those people are important to you. Let the dog take his time on things and he will soon get to know each and everyone. Once he knows all the people you know, you will stop having problems with your dog and it will be easy for you to socialize even when you are taking your dog outside for a walk.

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