How to Find the Right Person to Watch Your Dog

If you own a dog, you surely love him a lot and take really good care of him. Feeding him on time, giving him a bath and taking him out for a walk are just a few of the routine activities that you perform.

However, there may come a time when you may have to move away from your dog for a few hours or maybe days. At times like these, it becomes imperative to find someone to watch your dog and take care of him. Find the right and responsible person for the job can prove to be quite a challenge. However, there are a number of options that you can consider while searching for a right person to watch your dog. This will help you relieve yourself of the worry and allow you to fully concentrate on whatever business it is that is forcing you to move away from your dog for a while.


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    You basically have three options to choose from when searching for the right person to watch your dog. You can leave your dog at the kennel and have the person on duty there to look after your dog, or you can hire the services of a professional pet sitter to make sure that your dog is taken care off while you are away from him. The third and most popular option is to request a family member or friend to watch over your dog during your absence. If they do not have any other commitments, then they are sure to agree to watch your dog and take really good care of him as they will be fully aware of just how much precious your dog is for you.

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    If you have decided to go with the option of leaving your dog at the kennel, then find contact information for the kennel in your area and talk to them. Do not discuss everything over the phone. Instead, give the kennel a visit to see how the other dogs are being kept and treated there. Meet the people there and talk to them about your dog, explaining to them how you would like your dog to be looked after. Exercise your personal judgement to decide if the staff at the kennel can be trusted with the responsibility of watching your dog.

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    If you have chosen to go with the option of handing over the responsibility of your dog to a professional pet sitter, then use the phone book or Internet to get the contact details of a pet sitter in your area. Give them a call and ask them if they are willing to take the job of watching your dog. Again, it is best to meet them in person and go over the details. Also have them meet your dog and observe how they treat him. If you find the pet sitter trustworthy and responsible enough and if your dog has not rejected them, then go over the payment details and hire their services.

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    If you have decided to go with the option of having a family member or friend watch your dog, then go for the friend or family member whom your dog is already familiar and friendly with. Also select the person who is the most responsible in your opinion. Offer them an incentive as a compensation for the favour that they would be doing for you.

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