How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over

If you have had an experience of teaching your dog tricks, you would already be aware of the fact that it requires a lot of patience. As much as you love your canine friend, you cannot argue with the fact that it does not exactly have the same intelligence as a human.

Roll over is among the most common tricks that dog owners teach to their pets. If you plan on teaching your dog this trick, brace yourself for a frustrating span. Remember, patience and repetition is the key to teaching the dog to roll over. Once it learns the trick, all the time consumed will seem worthwhile.

Thing Required:

– Dog treats


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    Before you teach your dog to roll over, it is imperative that you teach it to play dead first. The trick will make it easier for you to make your dog roll over. Give the command “play dead” and then use your hands to make your dog lie down on its side and stay still. Keep it still for a few seconds and then let it go. Reward him with a treat afterwards. Practice this trick with your dog and reward it with a treat every time it successfully performs it.

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    Once you have mastered the play dead trick, give the command for your dog to go down on its side and remain still.

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    While your dog is playing dead, grab it by the legs and gently roll it over to its other side while giving the command “roll over.” You may have to make your dog comfortable before starting off. Do this by rubbing its belly and then eventually moving to its legs. In case your dog becomes a bit agitated when you grab its legs, pop a treat in its mouth to calm it down.

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    Hold a dog treat in your hand so that your dog can see it. While you are rolling it to its side, move your hand and thus the treat to the other side as well, so that your dog is keen to follow it. This will make it easier for you to roll the dog over.

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    After your dog completes the trick correctly without making any fuss, praise it in an evidently happy and excited tone. Give it another dog treat to show your appreciation and build an expectation that every time it rolls over when you give the command, a treat would be waiting.

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