How to Build a Spring Pole for Dogs

Spring poles or flirt poles are built for dogs to burn their energy as they jump and bite on the surface hanging above the ground. These spring poles are mainly built for terrier breeds like pit bulls but can be used for any dog that has a lot of energy. People are using spring poles as a unique way to exercise their dogs. Follow some simple guidelines to help you build a spring pole for your dog.

Things Required:

– Wheelbarrow inner tubes (2)
– Rope
– 6 foot long wooden posts (3)
– Shovel
– Cement
– Nylon dog collars (2)
– Clip
– Bite surface


  • 1

    Install two posts

    You are required to install two posts. For this you need to find a flat dirt surface on which you will have to dig two holes almost five feet apart. Then insert a 6-foot long post in both holes. Fill the holes with cement so they can stay in their position. Let the cement sit for almost 24 hours. In the end you need to fill the remainder of the hole with dirt.

  • 2

    Place the third post on the top

    Next you need to place a third 6-foot long post on the top of the two posts you have inserted. In the end screw this cross post so that it stays on firmly.

  • 3

    Attach the inner tubes to the cross post

    Get a nylon dog collar and loop it around the cross post as you slide it through the wheelbarrow inner tubes. Buckle this collar in the end so you can attach the inner tubes to the cross post. After this you need to slide another nylon collar through the bottom of the inner tubes. These inner tubes should be hanging from the cross post. You are required to buckle it in order to form a loop.

  • 4

    Tie a rope

    Now you need to tie a rope which should be of one to two inches in diameter. Tie the rope through the second collar. Remember that its length will differ according to the size of the dog using it. Then tie a small loop to the end of the rope.

  • 5

    Attach 6-inch rope

    In the end you need to attach rope having 6-inches in diameter with a clip. Then attach a bite surface such as jute or rolled burlap on the other end. You should test its surface before letting the dog try it.

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