How to Deworm Your Dog at Home

Worms are a common problem in dogs, especially puppies. The presence of worms in your dog can be determined by observing the feces. However, the type of worms will only be revealed in a medical examination. Plus in some instances, the worms do not show in the feces. De-worming your dog is necessary because they can lead to serious problems like diarrhea, anemia, weight loss and different intestinal infections. Not only is your dog exhausted, his immunity to several other diseases also decreases.  There is also a great risk that the infection will pass onto members of the family because with pets, there is a lot of physical interaction. Since it is a common problem for dog owners, there has been a lot of research into the treatments and there are many ways through which you can de-worm your dog at your own house.


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    Make a home de-wormer:

    You can make your own de-wormer at home instead of using the commercial one prescribed by vets. Parsley is famous for its anti-infection properties.  Boil a quart of water in a kettle. Add parsley to this water and let it simmer for three minutes so that the herb is extracted well. Take off the kettle and let it cool. Throw away the parsley. Feed your dog this extract everyday. It is going to cleanse his intestines.

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    Vegetable cure:

    There are certain vegetable seeds that prove effective against dog worms and even worms in human intestines. Papaya and lemon seeds can be crushed into a paste form and fed to the dog after mixing with water. Chopped figs can be fed to the dog as they are very helpful against tapeworm.

    Grapefruit seeds extract can help relieve the pain and also drive away the worms by balancing the pH level.

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    Worms are parasites that feed on the food and energy of your dog. If the dog does not take intake much, they are going to die off. Keep your dog hungry for a 24 hour period. This is a drastic but the shortest way to get rid of them.

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    Over the counter tablets:

    Since worms are such a common problem, you can easily buy over the counter medicines at drug stores to treat your dog at home. The label of the medicines is going to help you decide the dosage. There are different drugs available for different types of worms. An examination of the feces of your dog is going to help you decide the right medicine.

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