How to Reduce a Dog’s Shedding

Hair shedding of dogs is a problem common to all dog owners. Nearly all the dogs tend to shed hair especially in the summer season. This is because in the winter season they would grow more hair so that they remain protected from cold. Another reason why dogs tend to shed hair is in order to get rid of any excessive hair or that hair which is damaged. But remember, it is impossible to completely stop your dog’s hair from shedding. And it is not even good for your dog’s health because if you get rid of your dog’s hair by shaving them off, that would result in your dog becoming prone to diseases. They are on its body for a reason. Never forget this!


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    Regularly brushing your dog’s hair is important. From your nearest chemist purchase a good brush and then daily brush your dog’s hair in order to get rid of any knots and damaged hair.

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    Like humans, even in dogs their diet plays an important role. If they do not receive the right amount of proteins and nutrition, their hair tends to fall excessively. So make sure you are giving the right food to your dog.

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    Consult your vet and ask him to prescribe a good supplement for your dog. This will also help reduce your dog’s hair fall.

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    Don’t forget to take you dog for regular monthly checkups. You never know when your dog might catch some allergy. And being unattended might result in severe hair fall.

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    The importance of a good shampoo cannot be ignored. It is highly recommended that you use a good organic shampoo for your dog’s hair.

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    Humans tend to face hair fall during stressful period. Dogs aren’t any different. When you will ignore them they will feel sad and depressed resulting in more hair fall. Keep them happy!

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    Fleas are also considered to be one of the leading causes of dog’s shedding. So make sure your dog does not have fleas.

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    If you want to get rid of dog shedding because it makes your house dirty then go for house that has wooden flooring and also try vacuuming twice a day. You can also limit your dogs to certain rooms in the house. Don’t allow him to roam around in all the rooms.

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