How to Find Service Dogs for the Disabled

If you know someone that is disabled then getting a service dog can make a tremendous difference in their lives. Service dogs are highly trained and provide some much needed help to anyone that is disabled. There are different types of service dogs that are specifically trained for the visually and hearing impaired as well as other disabilities. Service dogs also provide loving affection and companionship to people with disabilities. If you want to find a service dog for someone that is disabled then there are some important techniques that you can follow to point you in the right direction.


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    Yellow pages:

    Go through your local yellow pages and you will find a decent selection of service dog providers in your area. Make a note of their address and contact information and give them a call. Let them know of your needs and you can even visit them to discuss different options that are available.

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    Get online and you will find a wide variety of different service dog providers. They will have their own websites which you can go over and get contact information. Send out emails or contact these service dog providers by phone to let them know what your needs are.

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    Waiting list:

    Since the demand for service dogs is extremely high, there are usually waiting lists that you will have to sign up for. Most service dog providers have a waiting list as it can take some time to train the dogs and get them ready. Be sure to get on different waiting lists with various service dog providers so that you get a service dog quickly.

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    Be patient:

    You will have to be patient as service dogs are in huge demand. Remember the wait is well worth it as these service dogs can be a great help to anyone that has a disability.

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    Get training:

    Learning to live with a service dog can be quite challenging as everyone’s needs are different and the dogs are constantly learning. You will have to get training with your particular service dog once he is ready to assist you. The service dog providers will teach all the different commands and methods to use to get assistance from your service dog. Basically the training period will allow both you and the service dog to get to understand each other more effectively.

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    Bring service dog home:

    Once you have cleared the training then you can bring your service dog home. Remember it might take a few days for the service dog to get the hang of working in your home so be patient.

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