How to Wash Your Dog

In case your dog is dirty, constantly scratching itself or giving foul odour, you need to give it a bath. Washing a dog is quite a simple process, which has been detailed in this article. Remember, it is important that you make it a habit to wash your dog from its puppy age. It might show some resistance at the start but with passage of time, this will become an enjoyable activity for it.

Things Required:

– A bathtub or sink (in case the dog is small)
– A clean towel
– Pet Shampoo
– Water
– Sponge
– 2 cotton balls or a damp cloth for cleaning ears
– A towel
– Dog brush


  • 1

    Prepare the workspace

    You need to collect all the items you require in the place where you will wash your dog.

    You should lay towels, dog conditioner, dog shampoo and sponge near the workspace. Now fill the bathtub with water. Remember that dogs have sensitive skin and this is why you need to fill the bathtub with warm or lukewarm water.

  • 2

    Brush the dog’s coat

    After preparing your workspace, you need to brush the dog’s coat thoroughly yet carefully. While brushing you can check for any skin issues your dog is suffering from. In case you spot ticks or some problem, you need to quickly consult a vet or remove them yourself.

  • 3

    Choose a good shampoo

    In case your dog is scratching a lot, you need to figure out the reason. It may be because of parasites, allergies or some skin irritation. You need to pick a shampoo which will treat that particular problem.

  • 4

    Apply shampoo

    You need to apply shampoo carefully. First wet your dog’s coat and then massage shampoo on it with your thumbs or fingers. You need to massage in a circular motion.

  • 5

    Wash the head and face

    You need to wash your dog’s head and face. In case it is suffering from flea problems, they will be washed down on the body. By this, you can easily remove the fleas.

  • 6

    Rinse your dog

    Next you need to rinse your dog and get rid of all the shampoo on it.

  • 7

    Get a towel and rub your dog dry

    In the end you need to dry your dog by rubbing it with your towel. Use two cotton balls in order to clean your dog’s ears.

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