How to Remove Porcupine Quills from Your Dog

Dogs are amongst the most popular pets to have. This is because they are loyal, active and always willing to do anything with you in order to make you happy.

However, every now and then, dogs tend to end up getting caught up in the middle of a lot of madness. This is because they are quite curious, and try to befriend just about anyone and anything they see out in the streets.

Dogs tend to encounter porcupines every now and then, and these animals are not as fond of dogs. As a result, the dogs tend to walk away from those meetings with their fair share of quills stuck in them.


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    Pull them out

    Now given that your dog has gone on to get quills stuck in him off of a porcupine, the best thing to do is to slowly just pull them out.

    This is because you don’t want them to stay stuck to the dog for too long, since they could cause some weird diseases or other problems to the animal.

    However, the dog is going to be very sensitive at this point in time, which is why you need to be extra careful when pulling the quills out.

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    Use sedative

    Now the given how the dog is going to be super jumpy and excited, yet in pain when the quills are coming out, a better way to go about things is by giving the dog some sedative. This will help put it to sleep for a short period of time, which will allow you to go about your business with ease, with the dog not jumping around and making things difficult for you.

    An active dog would make things very hard to do, which is why it is best to have the dog sedated before you go about removing the quills from it.

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    Ask a vet

    The best thing to do, is to rush your dog to the vet. This is because despite your good intentions, you just don’t have the experience and know how to do things properly.

    Taking the dog to the vet will ensure that it gets the best medical treatment, and it will also see the quills come out, with the dog facing the least of problems and pain.

    As a result, it is safe to say that going to the vet is possibly the best way to go about things.

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