How to Lower Creatinine in Dogs with Kidney Failure

Kidneys filter waste products like Creatinine and Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) from blood. When the level of these wastes increases that shows the kidneys are unable to perform their duty. Mostly, veterinarians suggest different types of tests to measure the level of waste and if test is positive then your dog is suffering from kidney failure.

Normally, when the dog ages and glomeruli are not working properly then these unneeded fluids and wastes accumulate. However, there are methods to control the amount of waste and reduce their level. By following some simple directions you can flush and restart the kidneys.


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    Fluid therapy:

    Consult your veterinarian and if the fluid therapy is suggested then go for it. In this technique, you use a lot of fluids to flush out the kidneys. This therapy makes it possible for the kidneys to start normal cell function again. It also helps in keeping the metabolic process balanced. The fluid therapy replaces potassium and other electrolytes. Ultimately, dog’s kidneys manage to flush Creatinine and nitrogenous waste.

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    Provide healthy food to your dog:

    Reducing the kidney’s workload can also be really helpful in lowering Creatinine levels. You must provide your dog an appropriate diet. Remember when protein levels of the body is not normal, it produces huge amount of waste products. Similarly, the body needs to maintain the balance of potassium, phosphorus and sodium. So it is better to avoid foods that contain significant amount of these elements. Renal diet is the best solution while you can use medicines to lower the blood level.
    Similarly, raw meat based diet can keep your dog safe from protein deficiency. These types of foods are easily digestible and they produce much less waste which means your dog’s kidneys won’t have to work much.

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    Go for Enzyme inhibitors:

    Using angiotensin converting enzymes inhibitors (ACE) can also be beneficial in reducing the level of Creatinine. ACE not only reduces blood pressure but it also minimises the salt consumption. This process will ultimately lower the danger of destruction of glomeruli and the dog’s kidneys will be able to work again.

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    Increase Omega 3 intake:

    You will have to increase the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids in your dog’s diet chart. Fish oil is the agent that saves kidneys from further destruction. Moreover, Vitamin E also plays a vital role in keeping the filtration system working. With your dog’s kidneys doing the filtration of wastes, the Creatinine levels in the blood will come back to a normal position.

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